Growing up in the heat of Houston Texas, we drank a lot of Gatorade on and off the field.  What do you prefer to hydrate your team with?

With children, use sports drinks with caution

A clinical report published on May 30, 2011, by the American Academy of Pediatrics advises against children drinking sports drinks unless they are participating in prolonged athletic competitions and suggests that even then, the consumption of sports drinks should be carefully managed.

According to the report, the popularity of sports drinks is chipping away at healthier patterns of beverage consumption (such as drinking water or low fat milk) and contributing to childhood overweight and obesity. The citric acid contained in these beverages also causes dental erosion.

Another issue the researchers point out is that most children and teens do not recognize the difference between sports drinks and energy drinks and use them interchangeably. Energy drinks are unregulated by the FDA and contain high amounts of caffeine as well as amino acids and herbs with uncertain health risks and should never be consumed by kids. 

via Are sports drinks better than water? on Shine.

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