Spring Playoff time again

Well, our Bantam KYA Oilers are playing in the KYA Bantam A bracket playoffs.  KYA Football is a recreation tackle football league in the Keller Texas / North Fort Worth metro area.  It has been a great season and I am very proud of our young men aged 7 through 9.  We play the Raiders in the first round and we lost to them 6 to 18 a few weeks back, but we have been improving each week.  I think we have a legitimate shot at beating a top team and to coach within KYA Rec football.  The Raiders have one of the top backs in the league and he’s hard to tackle, but we nay have the top “sleeper”.  If our Sleeper decides to play like the SuperStar I know he is, well we could have a great day that many of our players will talk about for many years to come.

A few things that I learned this season surprised me.  I thought I knew them, but like many things you must drill them just like you drill your offensive line steps right and left everyday.

But the biggest thing one must remember, is that you must fit your system to the players.  You can’t force the system on them.  Some may be ready but if just one player is not ready for your system, you must simplify it to your weakest link.  For the first weeks and through the first game, I was determined to run the Spin and all its glory I had in Denver, but that just did not work out this Spring.  The multiple backs going opposite directions and the motion just confused our set of backs.  When I finally decided to head back to my roots with The Beast Rowdy and Loud formations and a mix of some single wing plays, we started to shine.

As I start to think about the Spin and Double Wing system I run, it may not be suited to teams under the age of nine, unless you have more than 2 practices a week and you have very football smart athletes that are mature for their age.  A two week practice rec tackle football league might be too tough for the Spin series.  Although finally now at the end of the season, we can run a few Spin plays but not as smooth as I would prefer.

So remember!  Your athletes will determine what you can run.  Dont be stubborn like I tried this season.  We still made it to the playoffs but I might have a better seed if I weren’t so stubborn.  🙂

Good luck and have fun and winning is funner!

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