Backyard Football Burst Speed Camp Test

Summer officially started for my two boys this week, so we tested the Burst Speed Camp Agenda I posted a few a weeks ago.  We went through 5 stations pretty close to the speed camp outline in our backyard.  We set up one ring and bag lane and went through five times doing each run slightly different according to agenda.  The boys then ran around the block for our 440 cool down.

It took about 35 minutes to run through the 5 burst speed lanes and run the cool down.  It took about the same time to set up the backyard.  We did not get the Kink Crab Sled out but maybe tomorrow.   My youngest son who had soccer camp earlier in the day bailed after the 4th speed lane but my oldest 13 completed the course.  It was hot at 2:30 pm in Ft. Worth Texas today.

My oldest said this was one of the toughest work outs he’s done in a 30 minute time frame.  He was toast after the cool down and equipment pick up.  He’s also a cross country runner so I know this is a tough course.  This proves you don’t need a ton of space or spend a ton of money on speed camps.

We will perfect the agenda over the next few weeks and post some updates.

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