Bittersweet Victory KYA SR All Stars Youth Football

Last Saturday I coached one of my best games that I have ever coached, but it was a bittersweet victory over my oldest son’s TSOF KYA Colts youth football team, a Select team.  I coached the Sr KYA Spring All Star team, a spring rec team that played an exhibition game against the TSOF Colts, who had won their Spring Super Bowl.  We won that game, but I had to coach against my son which was tough.  We won 13-6 and I took a knee on the 4 yard line with 1st and goal in the last 2 minutes.

The KYA All Star team did everything right.  It all came together for them, just how our visualization had done the night before in practice, as I taught them how to visualize victory.  The thing I learned most from this game was Communication.  One of my assistant coaches, Coach Green, told the team to make sure they communicated throughout the game.  At half-time the backs told us the middle was wide open so we went to an I Formation from our Double Wing and ran the ball up the gut for 2 quarters.  I could not be any prouder of these players.  I was almost in tears after the game.  In only 8 practices we beat a very good Super Bowl team.

There were many standouts in the game, but the biggest stand out was the TEAM.  They played like a TEAM.

My oldest son was upset but he told me he would have beat me if he had been coaching the other team.  He said he knew how to beat me.  I will be proud again when the day my son is coaching youth football.

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