Youth Football Playbooks on Sale

Since it is Black Friday, you can get my youth football playbooks on sale for 20% off until Monday 11/27/17.  You must use Coupon Code black1720 at checkout and save.  This is a great opportunity to stock up on your off-season reading materials for the Holidays.

Beast Offense Savings 20% Black Friday

The Power Wing Beast Offense Playbook for Youth Football (PWBO) has over 60 youth football plays.  Yes, there are about 30 Beast Offense plays but what many do not realize is that there are about 30 plays of various other formations like the Off-Set I, Power I, and a Double Wing / Flexbone type formation.  All of these pee wee football plays are proven plays that I have used over the last 20 plus season coaching tackle youth football in North Texas and Denver, Colorado.    The PWBO is a complete youth football multi formation offensive system that is set up to grow with your team as they age and gain experience.  So if you are a new team this playbook will work for you and if you coach a very experienced Select football team this playbook will add some wrinkles to your play calling strategy.  If you have been wondering about the Beast Single Wing Offense and what everyone is talking about, then now is the time to purchase the Power Wing Beast Offense Playbook.

The Parker’s Pirate 62 Multi 8 Defense for youth football (62×8) is a complete defensive system for your youth football team.  It is based on the very well known Wide Tackle 62 and its other 62 defensive formation variations.  The 62×8 defensive playbook is 300 pages of defensive formations, player profiles, how to’s, drills and blitz calls.  The 62×8 Defense was developed over the last 20 plus tackle seasons and has served me well.  Many seasons our Defense has multiple shut outs, top 3 in Division for Defense and helped me attain an almost perfect record of achieving the playoffs each season that I have coached. Offense looks great for the fans but Defense wins Championships.  If your Defense is sound and the opposing Offense does not score, well then you will never lose.  Check out the 62 Multi 8 Defense while its on sale this weekend.

Also, I just got in the printed copies of the playbooks just in time for the holidays.  So you can purchase the Digital eBook Instant Download or the actual physical copy of the books.  Or get both.  🙂  Check the out today here at my youth football playbook store.

Happy Holidays,
Coach Parker
Fort Worth, Texas



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