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I just found this great presentation on Outisde Zone Blocking youth football teams that I wanted to share before I forgot.

zone blocking youth football coaching
Mahonz Zone Blocking Youth Football Diagram

You can download the pdf the Mahonz Outside Zone Blocking Youth Football presentation here and or more Zone blocking info over at DumCoach. This was at Gregory Double Wing back in 2009 but link went bad so I direct lined today. (Update 8/28/2020)

I have just read through it quickly but looks great for SPIN Sweeps. 

Zone Blocking Youth Football Chart

Here is something I put together a few years ago on Zone Blocking Youth Football.

zone blocking youth football

As much as I wanted to get Zone blocking schemes to work in my youth football offenses, I was never able to perfect zone blocking for my recreational football teams. I did have one Select travel team of pure athletes learn Zone blocking principals. But personally I am still a Split, GOD, Track blocking guy. Probably since I like smash mouth football.

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Remember to play for fun and Winning is Funner.

Coach Parker
Keller, Texas / DFW / Fort Worth, TX

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  1. Good stuff coach! I am toying with throwing in some zone plays for the spring season. I think we could have some success with a very basic, simple zone scheme. I toyed around with some zone drills in the fall and was amazed at how well 7 & 8 year olds could combo block. Some of the kids really caught onto scraping and getting to the second level.

  2. I am really interested to hear from any other youth coaches on success stories or tips to outside or inside zone blocking. I looked over the article (PDF) from above a really found it interesting. I am coaching an 11 yr. old team this year and want to zone block. Please help out if you have anything.

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