Air Raid Offense – Youth Football

For the 2009 Pee Wee football season, my coaches and I are looking at expanding our Spin Offense and Single Wing offense plays by adding a potent passing game.   We are moving up to 6th grade rules with a 100 yard field in 2009 and want to spread the field.  The Spin and Single Wing offenses served us well in the run game in 2008 and our Quarterback is progressing in his passing abilities.  We ran a few play action pass plays from the above offensive formations and ran them well, but my staff and I believe we need to start implementing a more comprehensive passing game. 

I grew up in Texas and have watched Texas Tech under Mike Leach beat my Texas A&M Aggies with the Air Raid offense.  I watched 60 Minute interview of Mike Leach last night and was very intrigued by his coaching philosophies.

I found a few playbooks which I will start to review over the next few months and determine if the Air Raid offense is too complex for my 6th grade football players.  I am sure I can pick a few Air Raid plays and adjust for our level of youth football play. 


The EA NCAA Football Sports site is great if you are looking for offensive playbooks.  The teams that run the Air Raid at EA are BYU, Troy, Auburn, NM State and Texas Tech.   Has anyone used Madden or NCAA to simulate plays for their teams?  I did this in the past and worked pretty well with another football game. 

I found a couple of Air Raid Offense videos too.  I plan to order over the next month or so. Air Raid Offense Coaching DVDs at Championship Productions

If you have run the Air Raid offense in youth football, I would love to hear your experiences. 

Have a great off season! 

Play for fun and Winning is Funner!

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