Back in February I started reviewing team websites.  These websites allow you to manage your team and communication.  I narrowed my review down to 2 website solutions


I really like both website solutions but I chose TeamZone Sports because of its price.  It is free. 

I have been using TeamZone Sports for my son’s baseball team over the last few months and can’t find a reason not to use it.  Sure there are a few cliches like the cell phone text tool not sending a complete message but 99% of the time it does what it needs to do. 

If you are not a web programmer or a techno I think TeamZone Sports is a great solution for a youth team website.  And even if you are a techno wizard, you’ll probably find TeamZone Sports a fun package. 

Let me know what you think?

One last thing, since Twitter has captured everyone’s eye the last several weeks, I think for a pure real time communication tool, Twitter has its advantages over cell phone texting; history.  Twitter can be set up to use over cell phones like SMS Texting but with Twitter you get a summarized micro blog (history) of your communication to and from the team.  I could see integrating Twitter into my team’s web solution in the neat future. 

Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!

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