Beast Reverse Youth Football Offense


Since my original Beast formation post is my top offence post for the week, I will post another favorite youth football play of mine from the Beast formation;

Power Rowdy Gut Counter Left

Beast Gut Counter Play

This is our Power Beast offensive formation.  The fullback is over the offensive guard and the other backs are aligned in the following gaps next to the fullback.  This play is set up by the Power Rowdy Slant to the 6 hole and the Sweep plays.  QB hands off quickly inside to the fullback and continues a fake sweep right. Fullback receives hand off and steps into gut hole.  We tell the FB to stay low, hide the ball and drive to open hole.  The other backs block away as if the play was the slant or sweep plays.  This play is usually good for 5 yards since the defense is keying the QB sweeping right.

Yes, the play and formation is very simple but very effective in youth football.

Good luck this season!

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