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7 on 7 Playbook for youth football by Coach Parker

Many of you have requested or ask about my 7 on 7 playbook for youth football. So, I packaged up several past 7on7 playbooks into something you guys might be interested in. There are 20 of my best 7 on7 plays and a few defensive looks we used to be competitive in the DFW 7on7 leagues and tournaments. My Wolfpack 7 on 7 Plays pdf eBook is $5.49 and available for download and on sale today.

Coach Parkers 7on7 Plays and Playbook for youth football

On Sale Now $5.49

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I coached four seasons of 7 on 7 football in the DFW area ages 10 to 14  We were an above average team and played some pretty good 7on7 football based on our talent pool and practice commitment to the 7 on 7 passing game.  We also played in some pretty tough leagues and tournaments in the area.  A very good friend of  mine runs the 7 on 7 leagues in our area and he was a tremendous help to our team as we started playing 7 on 7 football.

I hope you enjoy the Wolfpack 7 on 7 Plays ebook.  It is in Adobe .pdf format.  It is about 50 pages long and in color. Full page plays with color coded passing routes.  Here is one of the plays. You can use Coupon Code 7on7$1 to save a dollar on the Wolfpack 7on7 Plays eBook during check out.

Lone Ranger Slant 7on7 Pass Play

Let me know if you have any questions, comments, suggestions edits or etc about the eBook.  Please use the contact page to send me a direct message. I usually respond within 48 hours.

Remember to Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!

Thanks again for your support,
Coach Parker
DFW / Keller / Fort Worth, Texas




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Youth 7on7 and Youth Tackle Football

Coaching Youth Football Playbooks, Tips and more pee football talkThere is a definite transition going on in Youth Football. More and more youth tackle teams are playing 7on7 football to keep their skill kids together in winter, spring and summer months to sharpen their team passing game fundamentals. Playing 7on7 is a great opportunity for Youth Football Coaches and parents to have the teams QB’s, RB, WR’s & TE’s play another 10 to 20 games per year without the risk of unnecessary contact and really enhance the skill of route running, throwing and catching. Teams that play 7on7 get a better understanding of spacing, timing and defensive alignment or leverage to determine what they can do and what they can’t in the passing scheme. Playing 7on7 year round allows Youth Football Coaches and players to develop team passing fundamentals and concepts to incorporate into their Team Offensive package.

Passing the football in 5th or 6th grade tackle football is not based on a stud QB who can fling the football 30 or 35 yards. It is about running short, quick and precise routes based on timing and correct offensive spacing, like slants, hitches, skinny post, bubble routes and quick outs. None of these are passes over 15 yards and just about every youth QB can execute with a little extra Team practice in a year round 7on7 league.

That is where Leagues and events like ours come in. Now as a team you have another 6 weeks to work with your QB, WR, Slot or TE and RB to practice, rep and go live against other Youth team skeleton defenders of 2 corners, 3 linebackers and 2 safeties. I have seen teams as young as 4th grade that have 10 total plays but are proficient at running those 10 to both sides just shred other teams because everyone is on the same page as they have repped these over and over and the team timing is so good. You would never be able to get that amount of passing game reps in your team’s Fall tackle practice as there isn’t enough time as the physical part of properly teaching blocking and tackling fundamentals would limit these passing reps.

The game of football continues to get spread out wider at every level and youth football teams that start the process early are going to flourish and give that athlete an advantage to learn spread concepts prior to arriving in middle school in 7th grade. 7on7 is a great way to learn Spread concepts.

To learn more about 7on7 Football Leagues, Tournaments or Camps in the State of Texas please visit us at

Shawn Smith
Texas Elite 7on7 Football

Coach Shawn Smith is a contributing writer to Coach Smith has over 20+seasons coaching youth tackle football in many of the top Select and Recreation leagues in North Texas and is President of the Texas Elite 7on7 Football League. They hold tournaments across north Texas including Cowboy Stadium. Texas Elite 7on7 is one of the top 7on7 leagues in Texas.

Texas Elite 7on7 Youth Football League

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7 on 7 Football Season Update

7 on7 FootballOur 7 on 7 football team had a rough start this season since we were a new team in a veteran elite 7on7 football league in Keller, Texas.  I don’t think I would jump into an established  league again after just one week of practice, but being thrown in the fire really made the team learn faster.   Most of our players played tackle football in the Spring but many of the 7on7 teams played 7on7 in the Spring.  We were 3 months behind most teams in our league.  I hate losing even though I told myself and the team that our first league was a practice situation, it still sucks losing as we get better.  We recently entered a Monday night middle school league and we are doing well.  We even beat a team from our other league that usually beats us handily.  I guess the fire helped.  Ok so maybe I would do it again but only with one team not two.

We are a 5th and 6th grade 7 on 7 football team.  Most of our players will be 7th graders in Fall 2013.  At the beginning of the summer and our 7on7 season, I picked up enough players that we developed a Varsity and JV team.  The larger number of players gives us the opportunity to have real scrimmages during our practices.  We scrimmage for 30 minutes at the end of every practice which is once or twice a week.  In general the other hour of practice is spent on fundamental throwing and catching drills.  Plus before we start practice each player must catch 100 balls with a partner.  The reason we catch so much is that most of the players have not had to catch playing tackle youth football since most youth offenses are geared to running.  7on7 football is geared toward throwing.  For the first 3 weeks or so our catching was terrible, maybe a 30% completion percentage based on poor catching not throws.  We now focus on catching the ball over pass routes, throwing and defense.  If you cannot catch the ball, you cannot move the ball on offense, keep the ball away from your opponent and most importantly score.

I guess this season I learned that the playbook is really not that important if you have a 10 or 12 pretty good throwing plays.  You need a good quarterback but not a great quarterback, although a great QB really helps out.  But, if your receivers cannot catch the football a great QB is worthless, so we work on catching the ball.  We started tracking each play and receptions a few weeks ago and that paid off. We want our completion percentage above 65%.  We are rotating in the hands players vs the speed players.  Our defense is has been very good.  Our goal is to hold teams to less than 28 points since 7on7 is set up to score.  We have been pretty successful at this goal.  We have about 8 defensive coverage sets but mainly play man.  This season, I learned in 7 on 7 football  a good offense is your best defense.  You cannot give up the ball too fast or the other team will keep scoring.  You cannot ask your defense to hold every series in 7on7.

We have 3 weeks left in our 2013 7 on 7 football season.  I am looking forward to getting better each week.  Our wins are coming easier now and we have a good system.  We picked up a few more players in our Monday night league which match up well to our competition.  At the end of the day, I am glad everyone is having fun and enjoying the summer playing some football.  Ya, I hate to lose but its all about PLAY for FUN and Winning is FUNNER.   No, we are not undefeated but a little winning never hurt the fun factor.

See you on the gridiron,
Coach Parker
Keller, Texas


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