Blitzes for my 6-2 Wide Defense

I  just read an email on blitzing. I like to blitz, especially if I am the underdog and the other team has a ton of talent.  Blitzing will allow you to even the playing field.  But, if you live by the sword you can die by the sword.  If your offensive opponent guesses right while your running a blitz, its probably a TD.  In my last inter-league scrimmage against a higher division team, I blitzed 80% of the time and shut down their offense.  I was very pleased with our Defense.  Our first game is this Saturday, so I am hoping we shut them down too. 

6-2 Wide Blitzes - Cobra & Maniac

6-2 Wide Blitzes - Cobra & Maniac

The two linebacker blitzes I run most are Cobra and Maniac blitzes.  I just put in Cobra this year and am having great success in our inter-league scrimmages.  I had an issue last year at the C gap and Cobra addresses that issue.  not only does it attack the C gap but it basically shuts down the Cobra side of the offense.  Its pretty amazing.  I also run a Maniac blitz or Middle blitz with my Mike Linebacker or Strong LB.  This works well if their Center is skittish.  I also run a Maniac Too, where I send both LBs up the middle.
I’ll post more blitzes in a few weeks.
Have Fun and Winning is Funner.

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