Season Record Report

I apologize for not writing more in September but I got busy with real life and coaching my youth football team.  Many of you have replied to my posts and some of you have said hello after our football games.  Thank you. 

My 5th grade tackles team is in first place in its Division conference half way through the season.  We beat the #1 team 37-20 last Saturday.  We were all very happy.  Our record is 3-1.  We lost our first game due to a stomach virus running through the team.  My stud tailback was throwing up throughout the game and my starting MLB was dizzy.  We only lost 16-19.  The team we lost to is the overall Division #1.  I am sure healthy we will be able to win against them. 

I hope all of you are having fun and enjoying success.  Remember coaches, these are kids.  Most of the losses come from poor coaching or the other team has a few studs that your team was not lucky enough to have placed on your team.  Have fun enjoy the game of football.

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  1. Hey Coach,

    We play the top rated team from Highlands Ranch this week in a rematch of last years Carnation Bowl Game. We love to play these guys because it is always a great game. Last year in the championship game we went to double-overtime and won by one point! We have been on a long winning streak (27 games in a row going back three years) but this is the team that makes me nervous. They are very well coached and both teams know each other so well.

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