Developing a Smothering Defense – DVD Review


I just finished Coach Dave Cisar’s Developing a Smothering DefenseDVD.  This is another DVD from Winning Youth Football’s Step by Step Plan Series.  This DVD focuses on the 6-2 Wide Tackle Defense and the Viper 4-4 Defense.    I ran a 6-2 defense last year and I found Coach Cisar’s DVD very helpful.  I will implement his wide tackle variation and also implement a the 4-4 for my best players.  If you are a rookie youth football coach or an experienced youth football coach looking for a great youth defense, I highly recommend this DVD.

Here’s a quick summary of the DVD;

  1. Setting Defensive Priorities & Schemes
  2. How to Tackle & Drills
  3. Tackling Games & Competition
  4. Base 6-2 Wide Tackle Formation
  5. Position Drills
  6. Formation Recognition & Adjustments
  7. 6-2 Blitzes and Stunts
  8. 6-2 Defense Implementation
  9. Viper 4-4 Defense
  10. 4-4 Stunts and Blitz Packages
  11. Offensive Formation Recognition
  12. Coaching Points

This is a great addition to your youth football coaching library.  I rate this DVD a 4/5.

Good luck this season.

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  1. Hey coach,

    I wanted to ask you a quick question regarding how to defend the sweep. Last week no matter what we did the team had a stud that kept getting around us. This week the team we face runs a double tight delaware formation and they run alot of sweeps out of this formation. I was thinking of running a 5-2 cover 2 and putting my best two tacklers in those two shallow safety positions splitting the difference between the Ends and the corners with the two safeties to form a triangle to defend the sweep. The question I wanted to ask is what should I do with my ends. Should I crash them or is there someone I should have them key like the opposite running back in that delaware formation (3 running backs side to side in the back field.) This way if that running back comes to his side that’s his key. Please let me know what you think.

    1. we run the 52 (lobo). I set a fast side of the D on the wide side. lobo (DE/LB hybrid) is 7 technique on TE, SS over him in cover 2 half. His read is a block on the Lobo. SLB is outside stack on DT (3tech). Backside DE and CB stay home. SCB is set at 8 and in a force/confront mode. We attack the sweep head on and try slip sam LB into C gap. With this formation/personnel group we can morph into a 61 cover 2 or 61 rover. We just sink the WLB into W A gap or sub in a DT for double nose. By pulling a larger DE out on WS and inserting a LB/Safety type, we can easily play 44 or 34 as well. We teach all and routinely play multiple fronts with 13-14 kids in rotation. This is gold level heavy travelers (141 +) all generally 8th graders. Most teams are running double wings and spread offenses. Just ID the top cat and spy with SS if need be. The shell cover 2 is good to play down form, dropping into 0 man/free or cover 4. This prepares them for HS next year, but every level I have coached did well with the flexing 52. No one will get out side on you consistantly if you have good athletes with nice lateral speed set outside. Angled pursuit drills that emphasis outside contain with inside fill responsibilities work well in drilling participants in this scheme.

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