Double Wing TE Pop Pass Backdoor Play

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The Double Wing Tight End Pop Pass 90 Backdoor is one of my top 10 favorite youth football plays.    This easy pass play comes in at number 5 on my best play list and my highest ranked pass play for youth football.  If set up and executed well this play is a good 10+ yard gainer.  I love to run this quick pop pass play in the red zone after several dives and sweeps.  The defense sucks in tight into the middle and wide to stop the run and then boom!

Double Wing TE Pop Pass
Double Wing TE Pop Pass

I love the TE Pop Pass because it is a very safe youth football pass play and has a pretty good successful completion rate .  The reason for this is its a short pass within 12 yards, very quick so no need to hold pass blocks very long and if defended well is usually dropped by defender because he is surprised due to the quickness of the play. If a LB does intercept you have a good shot at making a tackle unless the route is jumped by a very smart LB.  Our completion rate is about 50% for this play and averages close to 10 yards.  The biggest issue you will have with this play is catching the pass.  You must find a TE that can catch.

The pop pass play is a play action pass to the backside TE.  Our WB goes in motion similar to his normal jet sweep route but turns in shallow to help pass block or we have him run a route out to the flats to draw the defense towards him.  Our FB runs the counter dive and fills the vacancy by the TE and pass blocks.  This dive action should pull up the LB and Safety to cover the run.  The blocking call is pass block and sometimes we crab block to pull defensive lineman down to give the QB and better view.  We are hoping the DE and CB follow the motion back into the backfield leaving a very large hole for the TE.  If you get defenses jumping your TE you can easily flare out your FB for a pass also.  We have also run this play out of the I Formation, Single Wing, and Wing T.

In a perfect world it is nice to have a taller than average QB and a tall TE that can catch.  I have had the perfect scenario and short QBs and average TE’s.  And the biggest equalizer is the ability to catch the pass.  If you do not have a TE or WB that can catch then passing is a wasted play.  We try to keep our completion rate above 40% to insure we are not wasting a play on passing.

Check out my Double Wing Plays for Youth Football eBook; Double Wing Formation Selected Youth Football Plays by Coach Parker. It has over 200 unstoppable youth football plays in the DW formation. There are 8 different DW formation variations. A great DW Offense resource.

Every pre-practice we run the Pop Pass route drill with everyone.  We set up two QBs and Centers about 15 yards apart facing each other and everyone running the pop pass route for the first QB and then getting in line and setting up for other QB coming back.  Sometimes the receiver line stands in front of QBs like a defensive line so its harder for QB to see receivers.   This Pop Pass Drill gets everyone warmed up before practice and the lineman love to touch the football while they run sprints.  🙂

Youth Football Pop Pass Drill
Pop Pass Drill

What’s you favorite youth football pass play?  Do you like the TE Pop Pass?  Would love to hear from you.  Leave me a comment.

Coach Parker
Keller, TX / Fort Worth / DFW


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  1. Coach Parker,

    Great play! I will definitely implement this into my play book.
    My favorite passing play in my double wing offense is my X flag or 2 flag pass. My X reciever and my 2 back (WB) are on the left side of my offense. If the X flag is called then the X reciever runs a 7 yard flag and the 2 back (WB) runs a quick out to draw the CB up. My other WB goes in motion to simulate the jet sweep which draws the “D” up leaving my X reciever one on one and usually wide open. The QB fakes the pitch and reads the CB for the open reciever (very quick read). This play usually goes for 15 – 20 yrds if the flag reciever continues to run throughout the route.

    Coach Sully
    Ogden, Utah
    Go Wildcats!!

  2. Great Play Coach! I will definitely put that into our play book. We run majority of our plays out of a pistol style Set,(shotgun) Double Tight, 1WB on each side off the line, splitting the outside foot of each TE. I try and establish a heavy run game and pass of the play action. I usually motion one WB to the oppiste side and that will be the side I run my stretch play to. (28 or 27 stretch or Smash), I like rocking defensive Coaches and players to sleep showing the same motion. ounce i have established the run, I show that same motion and fake the run and my backside TE would block down and delay and run a corner route 5-8 yds. My QB would Boot leg and hit the TE on the corner. this play Connects for a big gainer 95% of the time, Automatic Money!!! ITs a great play when your inside the 50 yrd line, If its not a touchdown, its at least 30-40yrds. If the Safety and LB’s are aggressive, they will bite most of the time. If they cover the TE, you can send your WB to the flats. on a delayed arrow route. If the Defense gets smart and Blitz the the backside, just simply Run! Run! Run! keep them Honest.

    Coach Smith
    Alexandria, Louisiana
    Go Bull Dogs!

  3. Coach Parker,
    We’ve been working on this play for two weeks. Just used it in the game for the first time this weekend. Ran right, ran right, ran right, defense overloaded right and middle – called the weak side pop pass and the TE rumbled 45 yards for the TD! Was our first pass all season. Thanks for the great play!

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