Winning Youth Football’s Dominating Offensive Line Play for Youth Football DVD is packed with useful pee wee offensive line football information for the youth football coach. I am in the middle of redeveloping my offensive line schemes and calls and this was a refreshing “hands-on” knowledge transfer from a very successful youth football coach, Dave Cisar with Winning Youth Football. I have watched 5 youth football offensive line coaching videos and Dominating Offensive Line Play for Youth Football is one of the top 2, along with Championship Productions, Becoming a Champion Offensive Lineman.

Why do I highly recommend Dominating Offensive Line Play for Youth Football DVD for your youth football coaching library?  It is very hands on and it’s simple to understand.  Coach Cisar explains his o-line strategy and also gives simple and hands on examples with clips from his team’s practices and games. 

Here are a few key points from the DVD.

  • Who to Block maybe more important than how to block
  • Your offensive line must have blocking rules
  • The stance and tip how not to step back on first setp – the video is worth its $ for this tip!
  • SLED
  • Wedge Blocking techniques explained and demonstrated in detail – Great!
  • Every youth team can pull
  • Drills – Sumo, Towel, Board, Oklahoma, Tennis Ball
  • Crab Blocking techniques explained and demonstrated in detail – Great!
  • Double Teams
  • Pass Blocking – Mirror & Ride Drills
  • Center Training
  • Blocking Schemes – KISS
  • Developing an O-Line Fraternity

“Winning Youth Football’s Step by Step Plan” and the associated books, and DVDs were written and produced by Dave Cisar.  Dave’s record of accomplishment in the youth football field is amazing including a 78-5 Fall record since putting this system in place in 2002. He has coached 15 different teams over the last 2 decades. His last 8 teams have won 6 League Titles during that span with 5 very different teams and in 4 different Youth Football Leagues. During that span, 2 of these teams won State Titles in the Top “Select” division in the State. All the DVDs are of Dave’s personal youth football teams.

I highly recommend the Dominating Offensive Line Play for Youth Football DVD.  It is well worth the $40 for the DVD.  There are at least 3 to 5 gems in the DVD that you will use immediately, along with the other great o-line techniques and strategies packed into this 75 minute youth football coaching DVD.  Quality of the sound could be a little better, but other than that, head over to Winning Youth Football and purchase the DVD. You’ll be glad you did!

Good luck this season. 

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