Favoritism in Youth Football / Sports Podcast

In this first episode of Coaching Youth Football Tips & Talk, Coach Parker discusses Favoritism in Youth Football / Sports.             You can also head over to my Podcast Library at http://coachparker.libsyn.com/website Other Posts on Favoritism https://coachparker.org/2009/08/25/favoritism-in-youth-sports/ https://coachparker.org/2008/05/23/the-head-coachs-son-favoritism/ https://coachparker.org/2008/05/08/minimum-play-players-favoritism-parents/ https://coachparker.org/2014/09/17/how-to-become-the-coachs-favorite/ https://coachparker.org/2012/06/17/coaching-your-own-child-in-youth-sports/ https://coachparker.org/2011/08/16/so-your-child-is-not-a-starter-oh-no/ https://coachparker.org/2017/06/20/coaching-youth-football-to-lose-and-why/


How to Become the Coach’s Favorite #1 Football Coaches Favorites

There are so many youth football parents concerned about their child’s football coaches favorites. I thought about this topic long and hard and came up with this article on how to become the Coach’s favorite in any sports not just youth football. Yes favoritism is alive and well in youth sports.  and school… and business……

The Head Coach’s Son; Favoritism in Youth Football / Sports #1 Popular Parent Topic

I am sure many will argue that there is favoritism in youth football. I will agree too. After 30 seasons coaching youth football and other youth sports, there is a ton of favoritism. Daddy ball is alive and well, and in my analysis is why many youth football teams lose in our youth football league….