Minimum Play Players, Favoritism, & Parents

I planned to write about defense today, but I received an email last night which begs me to address minimum play players, favoritism and parents in today’s blog post.  My coaches and I rank our players each week and use these rankings to determine who will start and what positions they will play.  I develop a depth chart each week from these rankings.  I do not believe in favoritism.  Our players win a starting position based on intelligence, physical abilities, football skill and football knowledge.  Just because a player is a top starting player and plays a majority of downs, does not equate to favoritism, it equates to smart coaching.  Coaches should field their best talent.

In today’s youth sports, many coaches must weigh fielding the best talent and playing the minimum play players.  How do you weigh the needs of the team above the needs of one to three minimum play players (MPP) and their vocal parents?   This question frustrates me each week.  I want all my players playing every play of the game.  I want all players getting a good rest on the sidelines.  I want everyone to score a touch down.  But the reality is, this is not Drake and Josh afternoon TV.  Some players are not ready to play more than the mandatory minimum plays.  I want to win American Idol but I can’t hold a note.  Should the network force American Idol to allow me to sing at least once in front of National TV audience?  I doubt it.

But many MPP parent’s feel the coaches are playing favorites by not playing thier children more.  I am sure there maybe a minority of coaches playing favorites, but if your child can contribute to the team then your child will play more.  I’ll guarantee it.

One last point that I find surprising.  Why doesn’t anyone talk about the starter who must sit out while someone takes his place?  How do they feel?  Are they upset that we substituted a player in the game that does not do the work required to play the position?  Who is speaking up for the starting player and their feelings?

If I had one wish as a coach, I would wish that all the players on my team were starters.  Now that would solve my problem.  Although, I have 24 players on my team.  Hmmm, I needed to be more specific.  It’s always something!



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93 responses to “Minimum Play Players, Favoritism, & Parents

  1. JR. high football mom

    We have a coach that has made his son the 1st string QB. I have two boys that play. Being totally honest, one doesn’t give his all because he is always on the sidelines. His coach focuses more on offense, which my son play defense. I live in a small town and it’s all about who you are and who you know to make 1st string. We have some amazing players that aren’t given a chance. I have a video of one of those players who happen to be hispanic but isn’t given the same opportunities as say the “coaches son.” Our small town football coaches suck! I can understand wanting to win, but they should switch players out to let them shine too.

  2. howard31

    My son is playing middle school football and he is 6’0 145 pounds and is the fastest 200 m hurdler in the State. He plays free/strong Safety and he hits like a Mack Truck but the Coach just moved him to defensive tackle but did not move any of the other skilled defensive players that are around his size speed. He asked the coach why he moved, and the coach said “we don’t need speed back there, but we need it close to the line and it’s not because you did a bad job at safety” I understand that you have to be a team player but is this move good for my sons football future considering he is not built like a lineman and never will be (Everyone in my family is tall and lean)? Should I express my concern to the coach?

    • Any position on the team that helps the team to win is a good move. Speed on the LOS is awesome, especially if he hits like a mack truck. He may try to use him as a DT that can contain also. So I would not worry about it yet.

      One year, I moved a corner to one of my noseguards because he was so quick and had a great nose for the ball. It worked out great.

      Have your son talk to the coach not you. Coaches like the players to talk to them about position changes. Give it a week or two and see what happens.

      Coach Parker

  3. Keith

    Coach Parker, do you have the same opinion of playing time at the 8 year old level? My son gets his mandatory 12 plays every game and will never touch the ball this season, in scrimmages or games. He is athletic but there are 7 kids on the team that know the sport better and play every single play on both sides of the ball. The remaining 22 kids get their 12 mandatory plays at the less skilled positions. Does this seem like the correct thing to do at age 8?


    • After almost 20 years of coaching, at the end of the day a youth football team must win. Unfortunately parents on losing teams become unbearable to deal with as a youth football coach. So, I understand why coaches play the best players the majority of time. Everyone is feeling great until the team loses almost every game.

      I’ve personally coached a development team, we rotated many players around and intentionally played players to gain experience. Unfortunately we lost all but one game. The players and parents were very disappointed in the coaching staff that season. The parents and players did not feel they learned anything. Winning sets the tone of the team. Losing = Everyone unhappy, Winning = everyone happy

      12 plays during a youth game is usually one quarter of the game because a youth game is around 60 plays. The problem with your team is 30 players. Most leagues keep the teams at 20, our league keeps the teams at 16. So, more players get to play just by the size of the teams.

      Another issue no one brings up is what is fair to the good players on the team. We were winning Saturday and took out our starters after mid 3 quarter. I had several starters upset and crying that they had to come out of the game. They did not understand that we wanted our other players to get game time.

      In my opinion from experience coaching a development team, a team must play the best players on the team and sub as needed so the team wins. As a youth coach you just do not have enough time at weekly practices to develop players that do not respond and excel during normal practice hours.

      Coach Parker

      • Of you don’t have the time to help the “less skilled” players and you are only there to win as a youth coach – tell those parents to find a team that will take the time to coach them and PLAY them.
        And if the “better players” cry because they have to allow other children to play and the coach is worried about “their feelings” well, that’s part of the problem with youth sports!

      • I coach every player the same if they get on my teams. Because at the end of the day your team is only as good as your weakest player. Each player get almost equal practice time and that is where players learn to play the game. The article is talking about play time in the games. Practice is where the game is learned not in games. Not all players get the same amount of playtime in games. Thanks for your comments. Have a great day.

  4. SDwyer

    I have had just the opposite experience. My son was on the 8U team last year, they only lost 2 regular season games and many parents were horrible. This year on the 10U team we are 0 and 4 and the parents have been very supportive. One team we play has 4 10 year old kids that are over 200 lbs. The entire youth league organization in our town is, well, organization may be too strong a word for them. It’s more like a circle… I mean cluster… well it’s not very organized. We have had 6 games cancelled, we have only played on 2 weekends, yes that’s 2 games per day. But the parents have been supportive of the team, if not the youth league it’s self. But even though the minimum play according to the league is 2 quarters, we basically ignore it. If you want to get playing time work in practice. If you listen, and try you play, if you back talk, loaf and don’t try in practice you don’t play. The parents, so far have not had a problem with that.






  6. Cyndi

    Wow, sounds like a lot parents are facing the same issues that I am! My grandaughter is on the JV girls basketball team, she has attended EVERY practice even in the first 2 weeks when they had practice 2 times a day every day, she would go in at 5:30am and again right after school. Last year she unable to play because during a practice she rolled her ankle and caused so much damage, surgery was required to repair it. She paid dearly for that injury, now she only gets time on the floor during practice, she does not get any time in the games, well a couple of games the caoch actually put her in for 54 seconds, Really? I have told her that she needs to talk to the coach to find out what she can do to get in the game, all he has told her is to look up more, It hasnt helped…….now he doesnt even work with her in practice, he pairs her off with a couple of other girls who not atletic at all, but are on there to be on the “team” and they don’t care if they play or not. My daughter says she can not get in a good practice because she isnt allowed to play and learn with the other girls. HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO DEAL WITH THIS AS A PARENT????? All she has ever talked about was playing basketball…..she is at the point of quitting, I keep telling her to stick it out, but she is getting so depressed over this. This is really a time when we just be worried about self esteem and other issues that teens face. She doesnt want me to talk to the coach because she says that is the worst thing I could do, that coahces do not want to be approached by a players parents, But I am at a loss here.

    • It is hard for parents to realize their child might not be as talented as other kids. This becomes evident in JR High and High School more because the funnel becomes narrower. We’ve trained ourselves in youth sports that everyone gets a trophy and gets play time. But at higher levels this is not the case. Only the best players play.

      My oldest son is not playing on the Jr High A team. He plays B team. This upsets him and is frustrated. I told him to continue to work hard and he must become better than the starters on the A team. Otherwise he must quit complaining about not playing on A team.

      I know its tough, but motivate her to continue to play, practice and train to get better so the coaches cannot ignore her. She must be great when she gets into the games or in scrimmages in the front of the coaches. If she is only average then the coaches will continue to play their favorite and trusted starters.

      • April

        I do not believe that what so ever that their child might not be talented as other kids the ones that are not very talented is the coach who has his favorites… at our high school they put kids in only by there last names or who there parents are done deal and there kids lose the game every time for instance at one football game parents got tired of it and was hollering about it the whole time to put other players in, they put different players in and guess what we won imagine that we won with no name players CASD fails for that big time and now I’m dealing with the same thing for baseball, plays everyone but 3 very good ball players they just do not have a certain last name or was on there “travel team” with the coach or shelling out big bucks to the booster club its unfair its bullying and it needs to stop!!

  7. Firehead

    This is a great topic that I wish I had found years ago. I am a youth football coach and have been coaching almost 15 years. Over the years I’ve experienced alot dealing with parents who feel their kids aren’t playing enough and with kids who have dads on the coaching staff. Most of the time I have been coaching with the same group of guys. For years one of the other coach’s son had been our starting qb. One year we had a new kid come to our team who I felt was a better qb so I gave him the starting job. The new kid’s parents were pleasantly surprised that their kid was given the position over a coach’s son. None of the other coaches had an issue with my pick for the qb spot even though the old qb had served us well over the years. All parents, even those who are coaches, need to believe what their eyes tell them about their kid’s ability. We always had teams that did well and most years we only lost one game. Win or lose there will always be a parent who has a complaint. You can’t coach in response to the parent. We coached what was best for the kids, which in some cases meant giving some kids the minimum number of plays required by league rules. That was normally only in the really close games or if there were discipline problems at practice, home or school with the kid. If we were up a couple touchdowns we made sure we rewarded the bench players who put in the extra effort at practice during the week and gave them more than the minimum amount of plays. We expected our starters who came out of the game to show support for the bench players. It is a team sport after all. If they want their teammates support they have to show support in return. We want all of the kids to have fun and winning is only part of the equation. At the younger levels we don’t want to discourage kids from coming back the next year because they are ignored at practice and don’t play on Saturday. I was on a staff last year with guys I had never coached with before. These coaches were so concerned with winning(5,6 and 7 year olds) that they didn’t even give some players the minimum number of plays required by league rules. I did what I could to play some of the “MPP” players on offense just so they could get on the field. These coaches were good guys who I think just got a little caught up in winning even if it meant ignoring the rules. As a coach I love winning, but I get a greater joy out of developing players and seeing them improve. There’s not alot better in coaching than seeing the light finally come on for the kid who was just not getting it. Teach the kids every life skill you can, not just that life is not always fair. What about hard work paying off. It’s hard to get the pay off if they get ignored in practice and never play in the games. You can always express to them that once they get to high school playing time won’t be guaranteed. Just my opinion.


  8. Terry

    how about this one, my son is on a HS soccer team, he was the second leading scorer on the team and the leading scorer graduated. along with that the coach left the team to move on. got a new coach, the new coach has placed two other players at forward and has stated to my son and other players that he can’t play forward because he lacks the ability to do so. Oh by the way we have played three games and scored two goals, one of which was a penalty kick due to a hand ball. now i don’t care if my son plays forward and truth be told i think he is more of a help to the team as a midfielder, i just have objections to a coach telling my son and other kids that my son can’t play the position because he lacks the ability. can someone tell me what type of coaching this is.

  9. Coach MO

    Paul, I agree with you in many respects. I also appreciate your willingness to state your mind, since I have a hard time dealing with clueless parents who have no knowledge of what goes into the football process, yet are forthright with their complaining. However, not everyone has the knowledge or time to spend with their child to coach them on the side. I’m a football head coach and it certyainly shows in my son’s ability on the field. We invest a lot of time and passion in learning the game – both me as a coach and him as a player. However, I suck at baseball and no matter how much time we invest there, I don’t have the skills to pass along to him. I rely on coaches to “teach” him baseball and have been disappointed in the lack of individual attention that’s permissible. Have you seen how much these clinics and private lessons cost? I’m a cheap bastard and won’t pay it, so I learn what I can from books, videos and YouTube.

  10. Coach MO

    Coach Steve, all due respect…you’re dead wrong here: “Losing = Everyone unhappy, Winning = everyone happy”. Really? Sorry to inform you, but my team of 28 kids went 1-8-1 last year and had the time of their lives. 26 have returned. Many of the lower rung players have shown maturity and are already building on the skills they learned last year. So, if they’re so miserable with only one “W” from last year, why did they come back? Gluttons for punishment? I think not Coach. It’s because they had 2 “W’s”, the one game we one….and the entire season.

    I love your knowledge of football and what you share on this site, but I don;t like “winning” philosophy.

    • Coach,

      Thanks for your comment and everyone is entitled to their opinion, but after almost 20 years of coaching if a coach does not win consistently then many parents become “boo birds” Many do not like playing on a losing team. You’re are probably a great coach and the team is giving you another year.

      As a player, I always played for fun and winning was always much funner. I did not mind losing as a player as much as my coaches hated losing, but I did love to win as a player. The dairy queen and locker room was a lot louder when we won.

      Winning is a habit and so is losing. I would much rather win than lose. We can have fun in practice but games are made to win that’s why we keep score.

      Good luck this season. I am glad you enjoy the site. Everyone is different and that’s what is great about this world.

      Coach P

      • Coach MO

        Indeed, winning is always more fun. Perhaps I should have noted we were coaching first-year-contact 8 year olds. I do agree winning is the main objective beyond the instructional level…and I have not coached at that level yet. Currently, I measure success in the development of the players, and I say that genuinely without adhering to a cliche’. With that said, I hope we will develop players this year that can win more games, since it is truelu more fun. If not, I will still be looking for that real “W” at the end of the year, which is the entire season as a whole and the growth of our players. I just “liked” your Facebook page and shall remain a fan. Thanks Coach.

    • James

      Learn to spell,genius! “The one game we “W”on! Not One! One would indicate a numerical value, not a victory status! More reasons I don’t want my kids playing this sport.

  11. James

    What about the money? I have two kids playing little league football and I pay just as much as those coaches kids and put in an exhorbitant amount of time working with them outside of practice. They’re just as fast strong and intelligent as the coaches kids, but game after game, they’re on the sidelines. This is b.s. and I’m not putting any more money into this league, or time at car washes and other fundraisers so the coaches sons can have a great season even at the expense of having one losing season after another.

  12. Anonymous

    You are so full of crap.

    • James

      maybe your handle shouldn’t be “anonymous” but “coward.” Since you wont even give your name. You are indeed a coward and represent everything that is wrong with this sport at every level. If you really are a “true-blue-american-football-fan,” then let us know who you are and stop hiding behind your computer. I certainly don’t want you coaching my kids or having anything to do with this sport…and let’s keep in mind, it is just a game, genius! Don’t waste my time or money anymore coward. grow some balls and talk to me like a man!

  13. M Bogue

    We are parents of an freshman football player who is extremely athleticly gifted, and teachable, but, due to coaches favoritism to boys that came from the middle school where he teaches…. get all the playing time, even though they have a losing record. He doesn’t sub in anyone even though he has a deep talented bench. Some of the boys play both ways, wearing them out and frustrating the players who could be substituted in and given a chance to prove themselves. We have discussed our sons playing time with the coach and he skirted around the issue, and never gave us a difinative answer about why he isn’t playing. What’s our next step?

    • Sometimes you just have to ride the horse to the end of the trail and wait for the next trail. I totally understand what you are saying. I know from personal experience and from other friends and former players. Like in the real world, there are bad coaches just like bad bosses, bad friends, bad people, etc. Football is no different then life. When you get a really bad coach you can quit or ride the season out. One thing I tell some of my former players in this situation is to be so good that the coaches can’t ignore you. Because if you are just slightly better than their favorites they will play their favorites but if you are so good that your team mates are requesting you play then the coaches cannot ignore that fact. I know this is hard to hear but you must be great not just good.

  14. Anonymous

    My son is a Freshman in High School in a Pay to PARTICIPATE program. He has played football since he was 6 years old and attends many off season football camps. Football is his passion. He has played Center for most of these years and was starting center during summer scrimmages. We received a new young head coach right before school started who immediatetly removed my son as starter and told him that he had “no place for him on the team” and he “does not have the skills to play football.” My son is devastated. He has been made to bring water and carry gear and has been the brunt of many jokes at the expense of the coach, I have personally coached youth sports for years but am at a loss on how to deal with this coach.

    • Bad coach. Sorry for your situation. Sometimes you must cut the coach as a player and find a new coach. Cutting players and coaches is a two way street. Its not quitting if the coach is a jerk and does not know how to properly coach football. I know many of you live in towns with only one team, but if you want to play bad enough you can find a way to play football with another team and coach.

      Have you sat down and spoken to the coach about your son’s situation? If the coach is open to meetings, I would schedule a meeting and find out what is going on.

      Trust me I personally understand your situation. My oldest son is having issues with his coaching staff, which is new and young. They are inexperienced coaches and many parents on the team are upset since their son’s youth football coaches were much better. Its hard going backwards.

      Good Luck,
      Steve Parker

  15. Jeff

    Hi coach, My son loves football and he is always at practice and so eager to play. he is in 9th grade and him and his classmates get to dress and go with the varsity team, he doesn’t get to play much in the varsity games cause of his age, but he does play most of the time in his jv games. Last night our school had the first round of the play offs and my son said that he might get to play depending on how the game went. While they (the team) were ahead 32 to 0 at the half and in the third quarter they got to 46 to 0 , so I figured that they would put in the second and third strings to give them some playing time on varsity. I kept looking for my son, because they were substituting all the younger players with that big of a lead, but I didn’t see my son out on the field at all. After the game I asked him if I had missed him out on the field but he said the coaches didn’t put him in. Don’t you think with that much of a lead that the coaching staff would want to give all the players some playing time and make them all feel like part of the team’ no matter there skill level? All of his classmates got some playing time,so what gives here??

    • I think your son was lucky to suit up with the Varsity. Many freshman across the country do not get that opportunity. Enjoy the opportunity. High School football is not a rec sport and they do not have rules about playing players minimum plays.

      Like I tell my son, that is struggling with his Freshman football experience since he has not hit full puberty and gotten his growth spurt like most of his team mates, if you want to play you must show the coaches something special that the coaches and other players cannot ignore.

      I feel your pain as a parent, but unfortunately we cannot control every situation our child is involved with in their lives, although I would like to too.

      ~ Steve Parker

  16. nnnnnnn

    SO, Genius!. You do play favorites! My daughter is a sanctioned gymanast. (9 girls on her team. They have all been taken in for “special extra” practice. All except my child.. She is good, won state champs last season in a few events. But this year she is struggling….SO with these so called special practices she has been ousted and set aside. So, thanks to her coaches and people like yourself her self esteem has suffered. All in the name of competition. Hats off to you for continuing the assjerk syndrome. Hate you all self obsorbed misfits who cant find a real job. Rot in hell

  17. Alecia

    My son is 7yrs old and is playing flag football for the first time! He is so excited about learning the game but his coach only allows him to hand off ball to QB during practices and today they had their first scrimmage and he didn’t get to play! It’s flag football DUDE they are suppose to be learning the fundamentals of the game my son was so disappointed he says “I didn’t sign up to be a cheerleader! I want to learn how to play I should’ve been out there running” He is right,he should’ve been out there participating. Most of the children on his team have played football prior to flag and are pretty good; but it’s Flag Football not Junior Varsity,Varsity or College ball! Am I wrong to think all children on flag football teams should have playing time experience players and inexperienced? Should I say something to my child’s sorry coach?

    • Not sure about your situation and what type of league you sign up for. Most recreation leagues have minimum play rules and so everyone must play about 20% of the game. Have you spoken to your coaches to find out why your son is not playing? I would start here. If your son was put on an established team and is not as good as the other players and its an open type Select league, he may have to get better in practice before he gets any playtime in games.

  18. Anonymous

    My son is on the varisity baseball team. He has played for this coach for every seaon, fall ball, summer ball and regular season ball. He has never missed a practice, he is the first kid to volunteer to help clean up equipment and he is usually the last kid off of the bus after away games, because he stays after to make sure the equipment as been put away and the bus is clean. Yet, he NEVER plays. In a game last night, his team was up by 11 points and the coach put in all players except my son. The child who went into the position that my son usually plays, skips practice on a regular bases and has been caught bad mouthing the coach repeatedly. The biggest difference have been able to see is that the other boys parents paid for the speaker system on the field. Shoud we have to pay for equipment to get our son playing time???????

  19. Ann Gree

    My son has been riding the bench all season. He gets to come in for a play or two during a blow out. I thought for sure he would get opportunities in practice but while watching a 2 hour practice, he got in for 1 play, the rest of the time he was sent to exercise with another group while the 1st line practiced.
    After seeing this, I have started spending more time practicing with my son over the weekend. My son has vastly improved but if he’s not practicing, the coach will not get to see his improvement.
    Let ALL the kids play!

  20. Victoria Gurfein

    Coach everything you have said makes total sense, but how do you justify coach putting in a talented player who doesn’t go to practice also while video practice by pure accident catching the same playing jumping up and down on the side lines with the football) faking injury still allowed to play?
    He’s not faster than other running backs they get timed so please explAin?
    We watch film after games no explanation why a faster runner is only put in once in a while? And starter is allowed 45 passes??

    • Maybe bad coaching, who knows. The fastest players are not always the best runners in crowds because they must cut around players. In football one rarely runs a straight line. He might also remember the plays better than everyone else. He might run over players better too and not fumble. Sorry that I cannot help you more. Has your son spoken to the coach and ask why hes not getting game reps. Communication is key.

  21. Victoria Gurfein

    Coach Parker,
    I just want to say from a perspective of a parent, it has helped me a lot to see the big picture and has given me more of an understanding of Coaches mindset. I am not an outspoken person but my sons current situation with playing HS scholarship kid before Myles sense now. It had stirred me up emotionally (to my surprise) my advise to my boys has always been be coach-able to coach period!
    I don’t agree but understand and I’m not about to make a fool of
    Myself or the team by insulting the coach, which would be totally bad for moral.
    My son was just offered a scholarship yesterday so it’s all relevant.
    You’re a good communicator, your honest and that’s what makes a greAt coach!

  22. Jeanie

    I feel dumber for having to read the beginning dissertation on the title. No doubt it was wrote by a couch in defense. It should be a rule that couches are not couching the teams their children are on. This has always been a issue. Its amazing how their kids get all the best positions, most time in and are defended toward the children they do not like. This is absurd! The team moms defend their husbands who are couches no doubt and in the same favor their children on the field. They become bullies and should be non biased with all the children. Sports are suppose to positive for parents and children and more and more they pick their favorite’s!

  23. r menchaca

    WOW! Number one rule in playing sports is about learning how to win and loose. The best little league coach develops ALL his players to their fullest potential. If you know who your starters will be before the 1st practice why bother taking anymore players besides your favorites? Sounds like they are just a headache for you. If your league doesn’t have tiered teams maybe you should have tryouts for your team. You referenced middle school, ours has A B and C team. 1st,2nd, and 3rd string with in the teams. If your league doesn’t have A B and C team and you take money and time away from the kids and their families then YES its your responsibility to coach each player to the best of their ability and give EVERY player more than the minimum play time. You know what you tell the “starters” sorry buddy but we have to develop all our players talents, not just the kids that have built a reputation within the league. All the kids paid the same amount to be a part of the team. If you want a team of only starters then only put starters on your team and let the MPP find a coach that believes in them and can bring out their hidden talents and is willing to let them play. I can’t believe their is even an acronym and a name for minimum play players. Goodness sakes called them 3rd string! Not you never be anything more than what your already are. And I wont do anything more for you than the bare minimum. Because “WINNING” with the already developed talent is so much more fun and easy on my part. Working with the under dogs takes time away from my pride and joy? You want to be remembered as the coach that won the most games? Or do you want to be remembered as the coach that made a difference in the life of a child? What matters more the wins or the hugs? It would be better to loose with honor and teamwork than win benching half the team for the majority of the game. The joy from winning is short lived and you can’t erase the damage that you wrote on all those kids heart. That they were never good enough to be winners.

  24. Carla Seniour

    My Grand Daughter plays for 8th grade volleyball team! her Coach told her I am only suppose to pick 10 but I kept 12! and she was one that she kept! The first game My Granddaughter asked her why didn’t I get to play? Her response to her was! There is no position for you! Ok her Mother just paid 50 Dollars for her shoes! and There is no position for her! I think that Coach is Wrong! she should have Cut her! The Coach calls her Mother and tells her she told her to prove herself at practice! But yet some of the girls didn’t even have to try for the team! You have Teachers Kids, Principals kids and teachers pets the constantly get to play! And that is what makes you Angry!!!!!

    • I guess your grand daughter and her family should proud that the coach thought that much of her to place her on the team even though he had 12 spots. The coach probably wants her to get a ton of practice and be ready for next season. Your grand daughter is getting an opportunity that 13 and above are not getting and that is to train and be on the team. Ive added players to a team to let them get some training and learn how to become the player I want them to become. And many like you are upset that I wanted to spend my time working with their child even though they did not play in the game. Players become champions in practice not in the games. They learn how to play through drills and practice. Be happy and grateful that someone felt like your grand daughter has some talent and that the coach is willing to spend their valuable time with and train. Stop complaining. She needs to get her reps in practice and learn more about the game then prove herself and be ready for next season or she can play Xbox or look at Instagram all afternoon on the couch. I would prefer her to play at practice and get her reps working out and being healthy. Take her shoes back if baby does not like new shoes. Be grateful and not hateful.

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