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Single Wing Sweep TB 28 Right – Favorite Youth Football Play

Ah, the Single Wing!  Love it or hate it, the Single Wing offense works perfectly in youth football.  Like football from yesteryear, youth football is all about running the football.  The Single Wing offense is tailored to power run the football over youth football defenses.  The Single Wing offense puts more blockers at the point…

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Pull Blocking Drills Pod Youth Football Drill Station

Is your coaching staff practicing pulling your youth football offensive lineman? Read this coaching youth football tips article on Pull Blocking Drills Pod Youth Football Drill Pull Blocking to help your youth football team learn to pull effectively. After watching a few offensive DVDs the over the summer and coaching pulling drills over the years,…


We Can’t Run the Outside Sweep

So after your first tackle youth football scrimmages or games you realize you can’t run the outside sweep play.  That happens many times in youth football.  The team with speed can run the sweep and stop the sweep.  If your team is a slower team in your league then you probably aren’t going to be…


Youth Football Playbook eBook by Coach Parker

Since many of you have been asking for a copy of my youth football playbook, I put together a pdf ebook of some of the youth football plays I ran in 2010 for a 3rd grade and 6th grade team.  These plays are still in draft form without individual responsibilities and blocking call not finalized….


Find your Quarterback and Center Fastest!

It seems like every youth football season when I start coaching a new set of pee wee football players one of the most difficult skills to perfect is the Quarterback and Center snap exchange.  If you drafted a new team at try outs, then you may have a few ideas who your Quarterback will be…


Offensive Play Calling Strategy in Youth Football

Game day offensive play calling strategy in youth football starts with your scouting report on your opponents defense.  If you are not scouting opponent teams then you are not giving your team the best opportunity to win.  So if you are losing and not scouting your opponents, stop the player meat days and adjust your…