GOD Blocking Rules in Youth Football Offenses

This free youth football coaching video reviews GOD blocking rules in the Power Wing Beast Offense by Coach Parker. The GOD rule stands for inside gap, on and down. GOD rules are very simple rule progressions for pee wee football players to understand. Many little league tackle teams use GOD as their main blocking call in… Read More

Beast Offense Tight Formation Plays – Actual Game Footage

Here are a few Beast Offense Tight formation plays from actual youth football game footage a few years back; Wedge Power Play and a two pass plays. The Beast Offense is a Single Wing Offense variant. Thanks to Game Tape Productions and KYA Football. The Beast Tight Tank 16 Power Play and the Beast Tight… Read More

Beast Wide Youth Football Offense Playbook Base Plays

This video introduces the Beast Wide Offense Base Run plays in the Power Wing Beast Offense, a youth football offensive playbook. The Beast is a variant of the Single Wing Offense. My playbook highlights the Beast offense, Off Set I formation, Power i Offense, Double Wing / Spin and the Diamond Running formation. Stay tuned… Read More

Youth Football Defenses – Coaching Clinic

Here is another episode in my Coaching Clinic; Youth Football Defenses.  In this video I review what a good youth football defense looks like, defensive goals and defensive formations. You never lose a game if the opponent doesn’t score. Darrell Royal Defensive Goals Play team defense Score on Defense Limit off plays over 15 yards… Read More

Youth Football Offense – Coaching Clinic

Here is another video on my youth football coaching clinic series, Youth Football Offenses. Enjoy the video.   Youth Football Offense Tips Have a “real” playbook not napkins Base Offense on Personnel not Scheme Start learning holes, positions, play calling language day 1 Work on your QB / Center Exchange everyday The Sweep and Run… Read More

The Statue of Liberty Reverse Youth Football Play

This past Spring we were working on several reverse plays out of our Jumbo Trips formation.  One our Tight Ends had shown some speed and skill at carrying the football in a few drills, so I wanted to get him more involved in the running game. So as we played around with the TE reverse,… Read More

Youth Football Audible System – Hurry Up Offense

“Burger King, Big Jets, Princess” I installed an audible system for our youth football playoff game this season and it worked great. We were a 4th and 5th grade youth football team and our backfield was very experienced along with several of our offensive lineman.   Our opponent had a monster defensive tackle that was… Read More

Best Youth Football Play – Beast Right Tank

We finally made it to my favorite and best youth football play since I started coaching youth football  in 1994; Beast Right Tank.  In my rookie coaching season with Plano Sports Authority just north of Dallas, I bought a Apple Macintosh football simulation game and started using it to formulate plays.  I knew from my… Read More

Double Wing 40 FB Gut Wedge Youth Football Play

Nothing is as beautiful as simplicity and when the Double Wing 40 FB Gut Wedge is working then life is good on the gridiron.  I know many of you hate the Wedge play because it’s not “real football” but oh how wrong you are.  The Wedge is football history and it works for many youth… Read More