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Here is another episode in my Coaching Clinic; Youth Football Defenses.  In this video I review what a good youth football defense looks like, defensive goals and defensive formations.

You never lose a game if the opponent doesn’t score.
Darrell Royal

Defensive Goals

  1. Play team defense
  2. Score on Defense
  3. Limit off plays over 15 yards
    • Stop the sweep
    • Contain / Contain / Contain
  4. Create turnovers
  5. Less than 7 points a game
  6. Use hands
  7. No penalties especially offsides
  8. Stop top 2 RBs and Best Receiver
  9. Stop 5 best plays

Top Youth Football Defensive Formations

  1. 6-2 Wide Tackle
  2. 5-3 Defense
  3. 70 – Defense
  4. 6-1 Defense
  5. Gap 8
  6. 5-2 Monster
  7. 33 Stack
  8. 44 Stack

Good Youth Football Defense

  • Focused on Stopping the Run
    • Sweep and Off Tackle play
    • Contain Reverse and Counter
  • 7+ in the Box
  • Attacking / Penetration Type Defense
  • Do not expect your players to read running back
  • CB Focused on Run / FS Focused on Pass
  • Cover 1 or No FS (12+ may need to have a pass defense)
  • Learn to Stop the Pop Pass
  • Def Ends – Contain Man and Best Tacklers
  • LBs – Also best Tacklers and Pursuit

USA Football – Heads Up Tackling

SeahHawks Tackling

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Play for Fun and Winning is Funner,
Coach Parker
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