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Here is another video on my youth football coaching clinic series, Youth Football Offenses. Enjoy the video.


Youth Football Offense Tips

  • Have a “real” playbook not napkins
  • Base Offense on Personnel not Scheme
  • Start learning holes, positions, play calling language day 1
  • Work on your QB / Center Exchange everyday
  • The Sweep and Run are more important in Youth Football, this is not the NFL or NCAA
    • Passing % should be Age of Player Minus 3
      8 yrs old – 3 = 5%
      13 yrs old – 3 = 10%
      Adjust if you have the right talent but be VERY careful

Offensive Goals for my Youth Football Team

  • Score at Least 22.5 Points
  • Eat up the clock – Clock Management
  • Do not turn the ball over
  • Positive yards each play 3+
  • No Penalties for off sides, holding etc
  • No muffed Snaps or Hand Offs
  • Do not turn the ball over inside your 25 yard line

Top Youth Football Offensive Formations

  • I Formation
  • Double Wing
  • Single Wing
  • Wing T
  • Straight T
  • Spread
  • Power I
  • Wish Bone
  • Pistol

What does a good youth football offense look like?

  • Organized & Prepared for Opponent’s Defense
  • Proven “Real” Playbook
  • Simple but Effective Blocking
  • More blockers than defenders at Point of Attack
  • Misdirection / Fakes
  • Plays are built around a system or series
  • Offense is simple / Play calls simple
  • Very few pass plays
  • Talent and Coaching X Factor

I hope you enjoyed the video on Youth Football Offenses.

Play for Fun and Winning is Funner,
Coach Parker
Keller, Texas


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