62 Multi 8 Youth Football Defense

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Welcome to my first video on my 62 Multi 8 Youth Football Defense.  I’ve been developing this defense since 2008 or so.  This Spring 2016 this defense has had 8 straight shut outs with a 11U team.  I an very proud of this team and the defense they have played all season. Now we need to win our Spring Super Bowl.

The 62 Multi 8 defense is a great defensive system for all ages since it will grow with your team and you can pick and choose what works best with your personnel.

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You can BUY the companion digital book to the free 62 Multi 8 Youth Football Defense videos here.

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Coach Parker
Keller, TX / Ft Worth Texas



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  1. Outstanding basics and fundamentals to teach and any level player can grasp. Thank you Coach!

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