Marketing Youth Sports Programs, Leagues, Teams 50 Proven Ideas

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marketing youth sports programs

This podcast episode was about Marketing Youth Sports Programs, Leagues and Teams with 50 proven marketing ideas that I and others have used to grow their little league and or team. This is a great how to market youth sports team article. I have helped market our youth football league over the last 10 years. These are print, social media, email, door to door, and other tested marketing ideas for youth sports leagues and or pee wee football teams.

You can find my original Marketing Youth Sports Programs Ideas podcast on Apple or Spotify and over at Anchor too. You can watch the video podcast on YouTube below.

What I left out in the League / Team Sports Marketing podcast is to develop your league’s youth sports marketing plan with its mission and vision messages. Developing this overall marketing youth sports programs message will help you determine how to market youth sports programs in your area. Which should help you to develop a youth sports advertising plan and a youth sports social media for your team and or league.

Here is the Marketing Youth Sports Program Ideas list from my podcast. These ideas are in no particular order.

50 Marketing Youth Sports Programs Ideas

  1. Team / League Website
  2. Team email Roster List
  3. League email List
  4. Facebook Page
  5. Facebook Posts
  6. FB Community For Sale Groups
  7. FB Paid Ads
  8. Twitter Posts
  9. Instagram Posts
  10. YouTube Videos
  11. Yard Signs
  12. Portable Street Signs Paid
  13. Flyers
  14. Business Cards
  15. School Email List
  16. School email Ad
  17. PTA email List
  18. PTA Flyer Ad
  19. Boy Scouts Meeting Pres
  20. Local News Website
  21. Community News Website
  22. Local Cable TV / Radio Free
  23. Talk to School PE Coaches
  24. Volunteer School Field Days
  25. Talk to other Youth Coaches Baseball
  26. Coach / Partner with Flag Football Coach
  27. School Visits – FB Day Presentation
  28. Drive Neighborhoods hand out flyers
  29. Team Knock Doors in Pads N-hoods
  30. Hand out flyers at other sports games
  31. Hand out flyers at Parks
  32. Set up Table at Sporting Goods Store
  33. Post a Flyer on SG Store Bulleting Board
  34. Ask Sports Store to hand out flyers
  35. Hand out Flyers Church
  36. Church Leagues Meet
  37. Get a Team Sponsor Help
  38. Team Players / Parents Help
  39. Car Wash Day big Signs
  40. Community Parades
  41. Invitation to FB Tryouts
  42. HOA News / Website / FB Page
  43. Lunch Hangouts Sports Team – Flyers
  44. Don’t be Shy Talk to anyone – Flyer
  45. T-shirt / Jersey Day at School
  46. Search Engine Optimization – Website
  47. Website Domain Name – Name / email
  48. Pinterest Photo Site
  49. Post Action Photos on Website
  50. Name Pictures with keywords
  51. Google Search Keyword Research
  52. Free Football Clinic
  53. Pizza / Ice Cream Party Football
  54. Scout 7on7 & other Leagues

Marketing Youth Sports Programs Video Podcast

The video podcast below on marketing youth sports programs is a good tool for recruiting youth sports players to your league or team. I write this piece since I have been marketing youth sports league in my local area over the last 10 years. I have also been recruiting youth football team players for 7 on 7 football teams over the years. So if you are marketing football team this is a great youth sports advertising resource.

Did you find this podcast on Youth League / Team Sports Marketing helpful? What do you do to market or advertise your league or youth football team? Was this blog post on marketing youth sports programs helpful? How much youth sports social media to you use? What are your comments on the youth football coaching blog post / podcast episode? Let me know. I would love to hear your feedback.

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Please leave me a comment below or contact me anytime. I love talking youth football and how to grow and market youth sports programs, especially pee wee football.

Remember to Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!
Coach Parker
Fort Worth, Texas

PS: Stay Safe!!

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