Youth Football Double Wing Offense 7 Videos Game Play Highlights

youth football double wing offense

Here are some Youth Football Double Wing Offense game play videos for you to watch. These are DW game highlights from a couple of my teams that ran the Double Wing Offense really well. My Speed / Deuce DW formation is a fun DW formation to coach when you have the right Speed and experienced youth football running backs to run it effectively. And yes, great linemen too.

You should check out my Double Wing Formation Selected Youth Football Plays ebook with over 200 DW youth football plays. It showcases 8 different Double Wing variations that youth football teams can run.

Youth Football Double Wing Offense game video

In the DW game highlight video below, my old Colorado team is running the Speed / Deuce youth football Double Wing offense in a wide WB formation. At the time, we had a Super Fast TB at the #2 wingback position and it was very fun to coach. When you have the fastest running back in the league then this type of DW offense is super effective.

In the video below, we are running the Double Wing in the Speed under Center formation called Deuce in my Double Wing eBook. For this team, the WBs were FB / TE types and the FB was a HB type tough inside runner. We did a ton of Direct snaps to him in this DW formation. The Direct snap to the FB is one of my favorite Speed DW youth football plays.

The DW 16 Lead play is a great basic lead dive play from the Double Wing Formation Speed. The big fullback ISO blocks on the linebacker and QB follow him into the end zone for a TD. A basic but highly effective Double Wing run play.

The Tight End Pop Pass or Quick Pass is my favorite youth football pass play. And it is especially good with a Wingback motioning away from the playside TE. Great eye candy for the young CB and Safety to watch and leave your TE wide open in the end zone.

This is the standard WB dive play in the Double Wing. On this play, the Defense gave our Offense the edge so it bounced into almost a short sweep form the Speed DW formation. The WB almost scores and probably gutted himself into the end zone but I will take the big gainer from this RB. Great run.

The Double Wing WB counter play from the Speed DW formation is my favorite DW play. I love this youth football double wing offense misdirection play. The holes are usually huge, on over aggressive pee wee Defenses. Just look at that hole. Once you get the outside running game going this counter play is killer on Defenses. Plus this play in particular is my favorite to watch since Parker is running the football on this one.

In this Double Wing video we are installing the DW formation package during a scrimmage. Many of these plays were the first live run throughs. I wanted to share this video so you can see how it goes with good and bad plays.

That season I called the formation Swing and not Speed. Both are the same and if you have my new DW eBook this is a little like Jacks DW with the back next to the QB the best back on Offense.

In the video above we run these youth football Double Wing offense Plays

  1. Direct Counter Dive to FB
  2. WB Short Sweep “Stretch”
  3. Lead to QB
  4. TE Pop Pass
  5. WB Counter
  6. FB Sweep Right
  7. WB Sweep
  8. FB Gut Draw
  9. WB / FB Gut Counter
  10. FB Sweep Left

How did you like all the youth football Double Wing offense videos. Did you enjoy them?

Make sure to check out my new youth football Double Wing Offense eBook with over 200 plays and 8 different DW formation variations. Over 50 DW pass plays too. You can pick up a draft copy today for $5 off and get the updated copy when it is officially released. Why wait, get yours today!

Double Wing Selected Youth Football Plays

Do you run the youth football Double Wing Offense or interested in DW Formation plays for youth football? What youth football offense do you use for your pee wee football team? Is there an offensive formation you would like me to draw up for another youth football plays ebook in pdf? Let me know.

Please leave me a comment below or contact me anytime. I love talking youth football and the youth football Double Wing Offense and of course the Power Wing Beast Offense playbook.

Remember to Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!
Coach Parker
Fort Worth, Texas

PS: Stay Safe!!

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