Bad Motivational Technique

Last week, I heard from a fellow pee wee coach from another youth football league across this great football nation.   He wanted to let me know about a motivational situation on one of his friend’s teams that went wrong.  It seems a parent and or coach from a rival team sent letters to their own players posing as the opposing rival teams star running back.  The questionable motivational letter used the rival player’s name and photo along with a trash talking paragraph.  Parents from the team that sent the letters complained to the league thinking the letters were really from the rival player and were worried about thier child’s safety.  The league finally found out what “really” happened and did nothing to the team that sent out these letters to their own players.

Coaches and parents, this is unacceptable behavior especially in youth football.  The team that perpetrated this “motivational” scam should be punished.  I recommend at least a 12 month suspension for the coaching staff if not a lifetime ban for the guilty coach and or parent. 

There are many ways to motivate your youth players and the situation above might be one of the worst.

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  1. Coach,

    I would have to agree, if it wasnt malicious it was certianly ill advised.

    Games are won and lost in the practices leading up to the game, not on cheap theatrics.

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