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youth football coaching mistakes

Listen to my podcast on Common Youth Football Coaching Mistakes Podcast.

Youth Football Coaching Mistakes

  1. Daddy Ball especially at QB or TB
  2. Promising Players certain positions on Team when recruiting players
  3. Too much stretching and conditioning during practices
  4. Not matching Roster to Offense and Defense Schemes
  5. Forgetting about Special Teams
  6. Not Blocking and Tackling at each practice
  7. Not having an experienced O-Line Coach
  8. QB / Center Exchange / Shotgun Snaps not working
  9. Too many pass plays during games
  10. Defense does not attack, sits back, and Reads
  11. Players not put in correct positions
  12. Not Adjusting to Opposing Schemes in Game and Before
  13. No Scouting
  14. Size of Playbook – too few or too many plays
  15. Changes playbook every week
  16. Not having the right plays installed for opposing team
  17. Not knowing how to call plays
  18. Playbook does not have sequence series of plays
  19. OC / play caller not good at calling plays
  20. No Spotters for play callers during games
  21. Not happy with 4-yard plays / Impatient
  22. Not willing to learn how to coach youth football / continue education / study
  23. Too little or too much hitting / scrimmages
  24. Yelling and screaming at players vs motivating players
  25. Not Demonstrating fundamentals
  26. Talking too much during practice
  27. Not enough drill stations
  28. Practice moving too slow
  29. Not understanding and working with your league
  30. Being too soft about what you want from players, staff, and parents
  31. Poor Communicator
  32. Too many coaches on staff that stand around talking and not coaching
  33. Picking all your neighbor kids and not focusing on experienced talent
  34. Flag coaches thinking Tackle will be so easy
  35. Not having discipline at practice being too nice
  36. Not choosing the right team mom that supports you
  37. Not calling your team on the first day roster is out
  38. Does not communicate updated practices schedules in timely manner
  39. No written practice plans
  40. On back pain medication and not communicating to parents you’re not drunk
  41. Drinking and Smoking in front of players at practice field
  42. Screaming at the Refs constantly setting poor example for your parents
  43. Not having enough footballs to make practice run efficiently
  44. Not having enough bags and equipment
  45. Forgetting first aid kit
  46. Forgetting Water for Game
  47. Forgetting Cool Towels or Hand Warmers for Game
  48. Running too many wind sprints at end of practice
  49. Punishing players on the field after a game
  50. Forgetting to thank your wife and family.

And make sure to have extra mouth pieces, chin straps and helmet repair kit with screws and pads.

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Coach Parker
Keller, Texas, DFW, Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas

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