Youth Sports Parent Communication Podcast Part 1 – Parents Yelling

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This is a video podcast of my personal Youth Sports Parent Communication Issues that I have gone through over the last 30 youth football seasons. In this first episode of this multi part coach and parent communication issue series, I review a big issue for youth football coaches; parents yelling and coaching from the sidelines in Youth Football games and practice.

Team Sports Communication between parents and coaches can sometimes be strained especially if the coach has not conducted a team parent communication meeting at the beginning of the season.  This first parent communication will set out all the rules of your team and how players and parents must behave during the season. Yes, you must also coach the parents.

Check out the podcast below to find out what to do when team parent communication goes wrong.  Even I have issues and I am still learning how to deal with passionate parents.

Parent Communication Issues Podcast Part 1

Parents Yelling and Coaching from the Sidelines

Communications between parents and coaches can sometimes be very difficult.  Parents should remember that many youth football coaches are volunteers and not paid professionals like high school and college coaches.  These volunteer coaches are giving their valuable time volunteering in your community to promote sports and health to our youth.  Coaches should also respect players and parents and always conduct themselves in a professional manner when speaking with sports parents. Most parents just want to be heard so allow them the opportunity and then address their issues. Poor communications can make coaching a youth sports team almost unbearable.

Good luck coaches and parents.  Keep calm, your child is not in the NFL yet and most likely will never play in the NFL.  Have fun and enjoy the memories.

Remember to play for fun and winning is funner!

Coach Parker


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