Parent Coach Communication Conflicts; Parent / Player Demands


This is the second episode in the Sports Parent Communication Issue Podcast; Parent / Player Demands / Suggestions on the Coaching Staff.  After 30 season coaching youth football, I put together some examples of parent player coach communication issues and conflicts to help you address any problems you may have with team communications.  In the first podcast episode I addressed parents screaming, coaching, and yelling from the sidelines in games and practices.  You can find all my youth football sports podcasts here.

I highly recommend that coaches get a good start at the beginning of the season with your youth football parents by holding a detailed parent coach meeting and setting expectations for behavior, play time, practices, games, snacks, dress, parent communication and conduct. You can also find more on parent communication on my youth football coaching clinic video series. I developed this coaching clinic video series for my football league in North Fort Worth, Texas. I give this to new coaches to the league and rookie coaches.

Great parent / team communication is key for youth sports. Coaching the parents is more important than coaching the young players. Today’s parents want to be involved in their child’s development. Communicating with parents as a coach is a top skill needed for any new coach and veteran coach. Each generation of parents seem to change in their needs and wants for their child. A good coach will know hot to effectively manage parent, and player relationships through great team communication skills.  

Hopefully this video podcast series will help you handle difficult parents and parent / team issues.

Remember to play for fun and Winning is Funner!

~ Coach Parker


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