Wildcat Spread Offense PlaybookTomorrow on CoachParker.org, I will be releasing Version 1 of my new digital eBook, The Wildcat Multi Spread Offense, A Running Spread Offense for Youth Football.  The eBook has over 100 game proven youth football spread offense plays.  These plays are diagrammed vs a 5-3 Defense and a 4-4 defense with assignments, coaching points, and play strategy commentary. So really there are around 200 play diagrams for left and right plays drawn up against these popular youth football defenses.

I am very proud of this youth football Spread playbook. It has taken me 2 years to complete, but it is 300 pages of my best version of the youth football spread offense.  It has about 40% passing plays too, not just a pure running spread.  Tons of screens, quick passes and sweep option plays for your young Wildcat backs or Quarterbacks to learn how to play in a Spread Offense.

Here is a spreadsheet of the plays in The Wildcat Multi Spread Offense;

wildcat multi spread offense play list

Stay tuned for the digital pdf ebook release tomorrow.  You can still save and get the Draft copy today for $19.99.  Tomorrow the price will increase to $29.99 when the Version 1 is released.  If you buy today you will get updates through Version 2.

Buy Now

Thanks for your support.

Coach Parker




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