We beat the #1 seed in Keller Youth Association Bantam Tackle football playoffs today to make it to the KYA Bantam A Bracket Super Bowl.  We won 13-12.  I am very proud of the young men.  We struggled the first half since our #1 offensive lineman / power guard over slept and our starting wing back both showed up just in time for the game.  I was stressing during pre game warm-ups.

Our defense kept us in the game the first half and we came back out the second half and put up 13 points to win 13 to 12.  The Raiders almost pulled it off with less than 1 minute to go scoring a TD but just missing going for 2 to win the game.  Gotta give them props for going for the win.  The Raiders are a great team and coached well.

This game may be my proudest moment as a coach.  Our team has gotten better each week and today in the 2nd half it all came together.  Now we must beat the #2 seed Trojans in the Super Bowl and take home the Spring KYA Tackle Football Championship.

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