Defensive Gaps and Alignments in the 62×8 Defense


This free youth football coaching video outlines the defensive gaps and alignments in the 62 Multi 8 defense.  Please check out Coach Parker’s other free videos on the 62 Multi 8 defense.

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Gaps for 62 Multi 8 Defense

I stopped using the traditional defensive technique numbering system about 5 years ago.  I felt I could keep it simple and just use the same numbering system we use for offense and it worked pretty good.  I do use the traditional defensive Gaps; A, B, C, D and E.  We also number the offensive linemen for our stack calls which are similar to the offensive holes.

Our alignments are pretty easy.  Our 4 down linemen are either in the Gaps or Head Up or just shaded to the inside.  Of course our DE / ILBs line up 2 to 3 yards outside the end of man on the line (EMOL).  I call the EMOL the Emu.  Kids love it.

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