Youth Football Defense 6-2 D-line Shift in the 62×8 Defense

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youth football defense 6-2 dline shifts

This video reviews the youth football defense 6-2 D-line shifts or stunts in my 62 Multi 8 youth football defense by Coach Parker. The coaching youth football defense video introduces the Explode, Army Ant, Orange Slice and Shift Work defensive linemen shifts. These are the basic defensive line stunts and line shifts in my 62 multi defense.

Maybe one of the most important Defensive Line shifts is for an unbalanced Offensive line. I see so many youth football Defensive Coordinators not make the adjustment when I run the unbalanced SW Beast Offense. Those teams just give us 5 to 10 yards every Offensive play. Watch the video on Defensive Stunts and Shifts and do not be one of those unprepared Defensive Coordinators.

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Youth Football Defense 6-2 D-line Stunts / Shifts

The Explode stunt call on the snap sends the four down defensive linemen on a 1 gap outside slant stunt. Explode works great with the 62 Tight Tackle defense, especially, when combined with the iLB Go Go blitz call. The Explode defensive stunt is very effective against undisciplined blocking teams. It works similar to a stack defensive stunt. See the Explode Stunt diagram below.

62 defense defensive line shift Explode

The Army Ant defensive stunt call is a one gap slant stunt for the four down defensive linemen in the Multi 62 Defenses. At the snap the two guards and two defensive tackles will slant one gap to called side. Many teams will run to the strong side or wide side. Army Ants is a great defensive line stunt against an Offense that is very predictable in that regard. Many youth football teams will always run to the Wing side in a Wing style offense. But be ready for the Counter play just in case. See the Army Ant Gap Stunt diagram below.

Army Ant stunt in the Multi 62 Defense

The Orange Slice defensive line stunt call is a two gap slant stunt for the 3 call side down linemen and the backside DT steps back into a quasi LB position to read any backside play. The Orange Slice stunt is great against Offenses that love to run outside and key right or left. See the Orange Slice 2 gap Stunt diagram below.

2 gap stunt called Orange slice

The Shift work call is a one gap shift to the call side.  This is used when the offensive line overloads to one side like they would in a Single Wing formation. Many many youth football Defensive Coordinators do not use this call. This is a must D-line shift call against top Offensive teams and any team running an unbalanced offensive line. You also must work on this in practice and try to get your DE’s and iLbs to recognize the “BIG” or “Strong” side shift. See the Shift Work shift diagram below.

Shift Work Lakeview Dline Shift in 62 defense

I hope you enjoyed the video on the basic defensive linemen stunts and shifts in the 62 Multi 8 Youth Football Defense. Many coaches have said my 62×8 defense is a youth football defense 6-2 on steroids. You can watch more videos on the 62×8 youth football defense here, and find out how to shift in and out of 8 different defenses.

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