Easy Rule Blocking for Offensive Line Vocabulary for Youth Football Offenses

Rule Blocking for Offensive Line in Youth Football

Many youth football coaches have heard GOD, GOO, MOMA, and GOL, but what do they mean?  They refer to blocking rules or youth football blocking calls.  Rule blocking for offensive line is an easy system with simple rule blocking for offensive line vocabulary for youth football players to learn blocking calls. These simple blocking calls and rules are easy to remember and highly effective for young offensive linemen to remember in pee wee football games. This post builds on my last article on simple youth blocking schemes for youth football teams.

Here are a few rule rule blocking for offensive line terms that you should include in your offensive blocking vocabulary / line calls.

  • GAP – refers to space between the linemen.   GAP rule is block GAP toward the ball or playside for Center. 
  • On or Over – On refers to the defensive linemen who are head up or outside shade of o-lineman, Over refers to Linebackers
  • Down – Continue blocking the next man on the line.
  • Downfield – Block down field
  • GOD – Gap ON Down or Downfield
  • GOO – Gap On Over
  • MOMA – Man on Man Away
  • Linebacker – block the most dangerous Linebacker
  • GOL – Gap, ON, Linebacker
  • Inside or Outside – block d-linemen in the GAP or On the next lineman to his inside or block outside gap and over for outside call.
  • Fill – Tells lineman to block any defender in pulling lineman’s area
  • SAB – Severe Angle Blocking – angle blocking scheme at 30% angle on play side either in or out.

I read a few weeks ago that GOD is the most popular youth football blocking rule.  If you are not using blocking rules with your youth offensive line, you should develop a set of simple rules today.  I am developing a set of Master Calls that define rules for that call to address certain plays for each lineman; Sweeps, Counters, Reverses, Pass, Off Tackle and Gut plays.  I am going to give each lineman a wristcoach specific for that position so it will help the linemen remember the rule for that Master Blocking Call.

For Example:  Sweep Right – Buffalo (Buffalo is the Blocking Call)

PSE   – Inside, On, Linebacker
PST   – Inside, On, Linebacker
PSG  –  Gap, Pull & Trap
C     – Man On. Man Away
BSG   – Gap, Pull & Lead
BST   – Fill
BSE    – Inside, On, Downfield

Rule Blocking for Offensive Line Update 2020

During that 2008 season I did develop a few master calls. We used Roger and Larry for left and right SAB angle blocking, which was very effective at the 10U 5th grade age level. We also used GOD, GOLD, Wedge, GOO and GOL. I did not give each linemen a wrist coach. I tested with a few olm and it was too much for them and for me at the time. The backside TE would usually block GOO. We were able to call separate blocking calls for each play and also adjust the blocking rule call after the huddle if needed.

I continue to use this OL blocking call system today which is in my Power Wing Beast Offense and Wildcat Multi Spread Offense playbooks.

Source: Radar Blocking, Coaching Offensive Linemen & SAB Presentation by Coach Jack Gregory

rule blocking for offensive line football
Rule blocking for offensive line helped the Warhawks win many youth football games.

I hope you enjoyed this youth football coaching tip article on rule blocking for offensive line for pee wee football teams. Let me know what rule blocking for offensive line rules and calls you are using.  Please leave a comment below and or like and share the blog post about youth football blocking. You can also contact me anytime about coaching youth football offense. Good luck this pee wee football season.

Remember to Play for Fun and Winning is Funner

Coach Parker
Keller, Texas, Ft Worth Texas

Update – 4/13/2020 – 2020 Gutenbergz

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  1. I retired after 20yrs as a defensive coordinator at the H.S. level , or so I thought. An old friend asked me to help coach his son’s 4th grade team. I said yes! Turns out he also wants me to coach the o line. I figured I would employ simple rule blocking, on-over-playside-backside. Any opinion you have on this would be greatly appriciated.

    1. As a former HS coach and now youth coach, the one rule in our non-pulling blocking offense is…”Inside, On, Backer ” ! This works for both the playside or backside lineman. Communication is key here. The lineman must talk, presnap, to make sure ALL defenders in the box are accounted for.

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