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Beast Offense Drill

Today we’re going to do a youth football drill. This drill was sent in by one of the coaches that purchased my Power Wing Beast Offense Playbook. I also used to coach his oldest son. This past Fall season, his Grapevine Colleyville team started running the PWBO offense and won their leagues Super Bowl over Southlake / Carrol which is a big football powerhouse in our area.

His team ran the Power Wing Beast Offense really well. I watched his Super Bowl and had tears in my eyes from his team was running the Power Wing Beast Offense so well. I was so proud.

I want to thank Coach Steve Mason with Grapevine Colleyville Mustang Panthers for sending this drill into me. If you guys have a drill that you are using with my system please send it over to me. I’ll highlight it on my YouTube channel and blog. Again, thanks to Coach Steve Mason.

He said he developed this drill to help his backs new to the Beast Offense how to run the Beast Tank Power Play. I’ve run something similar in the past but since he developed this Power Point Slide I thought I would share this with you.

Pee Wee Football Drill for Offense

Beast Tank Rushing Pod Drill

This purpose of this drill is to teach Beast ball carriers to attack the tank hole and run tight to the offensive line players; Run tight down the line against the blockers pads hitting the tank hole at full speed.

Set Up: Rings are set up to display the O-line. Agility bags are layed down for the back to hug down the line. Volunteer coaches will hold some blocking pads to hit the runner as he gets through the hole and then there’s some coaches that are going to roll tackle wheels at about four or five yards to simulate a linebacker and cornerback kind of blitzing. There’s going to be a cone set up about 10 10 yards away which he’ll cut outside. Usually run with your running backs and Center. You want your Center to get a ton of reps.

For more watch the video…..

Thanks again to Coach Steve Mason for putting that drill together and submitting it to me ready made.  That really helps out.  If you are running the Power Wing Beast Offense then you should check this drill out.

I hope you guys enjoyed the drill.

Remember to Play for Fun and Winning is Funner,
Coach Parker
Keller / Fort Worth / DFW Texas


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