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I’ve been using wrist coaches with our youth football offenses for the last 5 or 6 years.  I personally like the Neumann youth wrist coach that has three windows.  This year we wanted to go to a no huddle offense and I developed a verbal call system using the wrist coach.

Here’s an example:

wrist coach youth football offense
Wrist Coach

This wrist coach is for the FB.  The first four columns are the verbal calls from the sidelines.  So each play has 5 verbal calls; actual play name and the aliases.  The next column is the play name and the last column is a quick assignment reminder for that position.  The four backs stand together and read the wrist coaches and break to their positions.  The offensive line coach calls the line calls and the lineman adjust on the line before the backs break.  We’ve installed an audible for a snap count change.

We are still working out some kinks and this system may be better suited to 4th graders and up, but I like it so far.  We used it in the first half of last weeks game with similar results as me standing in the huddle in the second half.  So, I would say it has merit to continue to test.  I had to enter the huddle after half due to the wind.  The backs could not hear the verbal calls from the sidelines.  I needed a Magna Doodle suggested by Coach Reed.

In Denver, we used wrist coaches but we sent in the plays using 3 fullbacks, calling the play#.  I like the added assignment column to the wrist coach this year.

Also, the kids love the wrist coaches.  It makes them feel special.  They all want to wear one.

If you have any ideas and or ways your team uses wrist coaches, send me an email or reply to this post.

Play of Fun and Winning is Funner.

Coach Parker
Keller, TX

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