Fitting Youth Football Shoulder Pads

My son Bear needs a new set of shoulder pads, so I have been looking at all the shoulder pad possibilities.  I found the Football Shoulder Pads site run by Williams Sports Group LLC.  They have been selling Pads to the Florida Gators for years and recently patented some air flow technology. 

I really like the Williams pads and will be ordering the Williams WJS-22 Pads for running backs.  My son plays QB and blocks / runs more than usual in our Spin and Single Wing offensive formations and Williams suggested the running back pads. 

On the phone today with Williams, we had an interesting conversation about fitting youth shoulder pads.  They said you really need to fit them properly so you do not break your collar bone.  Here’s a video that does a pretty good job describing how to fit shoulder pads..

Also here are a few other resources about properly fitting youth football should pads

  1. Hit Run Sports – Shoulder Pad Fitting
  2. USA Football – Proper Shoulder Pad Fit
  3. Sports Depot – Fitting Shoulder Pads

Good luck this season.

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