What’s in your Youth Football Coaches Bag? #1 Winning Items!

football coaches bag

What’s in your youth football coaches bag?  Hopefully a mouthpiece or two. I carry two bags to my youth football practices; my football coaches bag / backpack and a team football coaches equipment bag. 

youth football coaching equipment

I carry two bags to my youth football practices; my backpack and a team equipment  bag.  In my backpack I keep a few necessary items close at hand like mouthpieces and paper & pens that I use to make notes when needed.  I keep these personal items separate from the equipment bag now because the equipment bag gets tossed around a lot, and I had items like video cameras taking big hits and or getting wet.  The separate bags make it easy to find things in a hurry.

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Football Coaches Bag

My Team Equipment bag is a large Easton / Ogio wheeled bag made for baseball. It’s on its 8th football and baseball season.  Well worth the money.  I can throw the back pack on top and roll out to the field.  I am getting too old to carry a huge bag across several football fields.

Coach’s Back Pack


  1. Two Coach’s Whistles
  2. Team Playbook
  3. Clip Board with Practice Plans
  4. Spiral Notebook Paper
  5. Pens & Pencil
  6. 3×5 Note Cards
  7. Black Sharpie Small
  8. Black Sharpie Kin Sized
  9. Dry Erase Pens (Red Black Blue)
  10. Small Dry Erase Board
  11. Back Packer First Aid Kit
  12. Two Lace-Up Ankle Braces
  13. Masking Tape
  14. Athletic Tape
  15. Small Helmet / Pad Repair Kit
  16. Multi-Tool
  17. Compact Hand Air Pump
  18. 6 Mouthpieces
  19. 2 Chin Straps
  20. Helmet Award Stickers
  21. One Football
  22. Wrist Coach
  23. Stop Watch
  24. $3 in Change
  25. Small Video Camera
  26. Batteries for Camera
  27. Helmet Pump
  28. Football Pants Belt
  29. 2 shoulder Pad Strap and Clips
  30. Paper Towels
  31. Receiver Gloves
Team Equipment Bag


  1. Football First Aid Kit
  2. Large Helmet / Pad Repair Kit
  3. Small Tool Kit
  4. Multi-Tool
  5. Helmet Ear / Jaw Pads
  6. 6 Footballs
  7. Kicking Tee
  8. Extra Point Kicking Tee
  9. 50 flat disc agility cones
  10. 8 nine inch Cones
  11. Football Hand Pump
  12. Extra Sharpie Markers
  13. Extra Mouthpieces
  14. Extra Chin Straps
  15. Extra Athletic Tape
  16. Spiral Notebook
  17. Medium Dry Erase Board
  18. 2 Practice Jerseys
  19. Pair of socks
  20. Football Pants
  21. Extra Game Jersey
  22. Extra Pads for Pants
  23. Scrimmage Pennies
  24. Hole Number T-Shirts
  25. Football Field Spray Paint
  26. 20 Agility Rings 16”
  27. Neck Roll – in SUV
  28. Rib Vest – in SUV
  29. 2 Hand Shields – in SUV
  30. 6 Half Round Bags – in SUV
  31. King Crab Sled – in SUV

Yes the last few in the equipment bag section, I leave in my SUV.  I usually leave these items in my Expedition all football season.  Its a pain to take them out every night after practice.  My back windows are tinted so its difficult to see whats in the rear.  Make sure you lock your car if you leave these items in your car for extended periods.  Best if you have a garage at home.

I hope that will jump start your coaching bag list of items, so you are always prepared.  What do you carry in your equipment coach’s bag.  I would love to know. Please comment in the comment section. Contact me anytime.

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Coach Parker
Fort Worth, TX / Keller

Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!


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