2009 Keller Youth Football Season Ended too Early

The 2009 Keller, Texas Select youth football team that I was assisting for as Offensive Line Coach this season, lost its first playoff game a couple weeks back.  I’ve been stewing about the loss and finally had the urge to talk about football today, because the team I coached in Arvada (Denver CO) won its playoff game today which puts them in the Jefferson County Youth Football Carnation Bowl / Super Bowl.  I am very proud of both teams, but Go Arvada Pirates and congrats to Coach Cox and all the Pirate Coaches, families and players.  I miss you.

My oldest son starts playing Jr High ball next year, which will be very exciting, but sad for me.  I have coached Berndt “Bear” since he started playing flag football at 5 years old.  It was unfortunate for Bear that he did not make it to a Super Bowl as I did as a youth player.  My youngest son, Zane also lost his Keller youth football playoff game this season.  Zane’s Arvada team won the Super Bowl last season, so Zane was a little disappointed that his Keller team was not a Super Bowl contender this season.  I am considering helping Zane’s Keller Youth Association select sophomore team next season as the offensive coordinator, so that will be fun for Zane and I since I have never coached one of Zane’s youth sports teams.

I’m not ready for football to be over in the Parker house.  I am already bored and have too much time on my hands.  I guess I will start updating my playbook again.  Its a never ending process.

I hope your season did to end early but if it did, there’s always next season.

Coach Parker
Keller, TX

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    1. I do not think they are playing Spring ball but I think I want to coach Spring ball. A few people have asked me to coach a team if they find the players. If I coach in the Spring, we will run my versions of the Spin and Single Wing offenses, if we have the right talent, if not then we will adapt.

      I am working on a consulting gig for a shoe mfg in Euless, Yums Shoes on their http://www.yumsshop.com website. So its going to depend if I have time in the Spring with work and football. The CEO coaches select soccer so they are understanding about time.

      Coach Parker
      Keller, Tx

  1. I missed this follow up somehow. I think you should get back into being a head coach. It’s obvious you miss it.

    I think a well-run single wing offense (or double wing) will really do well around here because so many of the coaches insist on running pro-style offenses that the kids can barely execute. With defenses seeing that all the time – the complexity of single and double wing misdirections seems to really eat them alive. Ego is such a big part of coaching around here its amazing (and pathetic).

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