So here is my youth football defensive strategy plan for 2010

1. Stop the run, interrupt the pass.
2. Attack the Offense with Multiple looks
3. Dictate game flow
4. Scout scout scout
5. Equalize strength
6. Communicate and say again.

My defensive team will be called the Wolf Pack this season. Wolves communicate, hunt and kill prey together. As a defense we will play like Wolves attacking their prey.

Play for Fun and Winning is Funner.

One thought on “Defensive Strategy – Youth Football

  1. Question for you Coach

    This is my first year as head coach and my second year coaching youth football. We are a new team and some players have at least 2 years of tackle experience and some players are just new to the game.

    We started conditioning and doing agility drills from March to June 2010, then I gave them a month off. We have been practicing for the past 5 weeks with some scrimmages and it just seems they are not getting fired up to play or they start to play then just get lazy. I don’t know if its intimidation or lack of desire, but I am at a lost for words as to what is going on. Some these players were like beast last year, and now they are just being lazy or they display a give up attitude.

    How can I change this around, especially when the season is starting in less than a week?

    I know you can’t teach desire, but I never saw this coming from the players who have experience. Your expertise would be very helpful.


    Coach Morgan

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