My Son is a Good Football Player, but He’s Small

I was reading through my comments last night and came across this statement, “my son is a good football player, but hes small.” So is my youngest son, Zane.  Zane is a Freshman in High school this year.  He was on “B” team and started on defense at SS and on Offense at Slot Receiver.  Zane was born premature and he started school a year early, so he’s about a year younger than many of his peers and small.  But what he lacks in size he makes up for his size handicap in football IQ.  He is a very smart football player and wants to coach football as a career.  He is also football mean.

There are many small football players but their desire and hearts are as big as Texas.  I played with many. One of the best hitters on my Freshman HS football team was our small corner back.  Charlie would light you up if you were not paying attention. So size matters, but desire and football smarts plays a big factor in playing football!

Am I worried that Zane is getting too small to play JV football next season.  Yes.  We have discussed his size and goals.  He is dedicating himself to an intense off-season program to get stronger for next Fall.  He is not afraid of the bigger players.  As long as Zane believes he’s capable of playing with the bigger players then I am comfortable with him playing.  But, once I see that he’s questioning his abilities on the field, we will readdress his size issue for playing football.

Who am I to mess with his dreams of playing football.  Yes, football is a dangerous sport, but so is driving a car for teenage boys.

Play for Fun and Winning is Funner….


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