Youth Football Coaching – The Budget Process and Fundraising

About this time very year, youth football coaches from all over the US start putting their fall plans in place; roster, play books, recruiting, practice organization, coaches responsibilities, ordering uniforms and the dreaded fundraising and budget questions.  How much will it take to run our team properly?  When I first started coaching 20 years ago,  I never thought about our team’s budget.  I spent about $500 out of my own pocket and coached the team with some help from a few parents that also chipped in a few dollars or equipment here and there.  But after several years, my pocket book was a little lighter and decided to develop a budget for my youth sports teams.  Many volunteer coaches put in 20 to 40 hours a week to coach and buying new equipment each year gets to be very expensive.  At a conservative hourly wage of $12.50 / hour  at 10 hours a week with a 12 week season, your team could owe 2 paid coaches $3,000.  Which by the way, $3k  is an excellent one Fall season budget for a youth football team.

I know some of you may say, “No Way!”  Well, add up everything that is spent from your coaches, league, parents, and freebies you get and see how close you come to my budget number.  Let me do a quick breakdown of some of our major budget items:

  1. Advertising                                     $500
  2. Player Jerseys –                            $1500
  3. Coaches Uniforms                        $500
  4. Footballs                                          $300
  5. First Aid Kit / Supplies               $200
  6. Blocking Dummies                        $500
  7. End of Year Banquet                   $2,000
  8. Tournament Fees                          $500

If you do not have to buy your jerseys this is a huge advantage.  You can also save on your budget by reducing your End of Season banquet but I love the banquet.  Our budget is usually around $7,500 per Fall football season and we will have a few hundred dollars at the end of the season that we use to buy coaching videos or go to clinics.

Here are a few fundraising ideas:

  1. Sell product door to door – cookies, candy, bread dough, discount cards
  2. Casino Bus Trip
  3. Team Dinner / Breakfast at Restaurant get % Team ticket
  4. Corporate Sponsors
  5. Parent / Grandparent Donations
  6. Texas Hold’em Party
  7. Raffle / Sweepstakes
  8. Team Garage Sale
  9. Web Affiliate Program with Retailers
  10. Score Pass Cup at Games $1 for each TD
  11. Sell Breakfast burritos, donuts or Gatorades at games

I know this sounds like a lot.  But if you plan your budget and fundraising, just like you do you season, you will make your budget.  Plus, its great to have the right tools and equipment to teach your players.

If you have any fundraising and budgeting ideas let me hear about them.

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