Choosing a Team Mom in Youth Football

Choose a great team mom!

Like the Hall of Fame Football Coach Bear Bryant said if you can win the momma you can win the football recruit and its the same in youth football.  The most important mom on your youth football team is the #1 mom or Team Mom.   Sometimes you have a Team Parent / Manager or  Team Dad and this also applies to them too.  I see the Team Parent duties as the Coach of the Parents, so the Team Mom or Team Dad must attend each practice and event to communicate with the other parents as much as possible.

Top Team Mom / Parent Qualities

  1. Known this person more than 12 months
  2. Excellent Social / People Skills
  3. Very Organized
  4. Over Communicates
  5. Understand and Uses Social Networking tools like Facebook / Yahoo Groups
  6. Capable of taking digital photos or videos and posting on Flickr / Picasa / Shutterfly
  7. Not afraid of eMail or SMS Texting
  8. Assertive but not Aggressive
  9. Willing to learn new Things
  10. Skilled at Fundraising
  11. Previous Team Mom Experience is a plus
  12. Must be Head Coaches and Team’s biggest Fan & Cheerleader
  13. Party King or Queen but also passes a background check
  14. Must be able to balance the Team Checkbook
  15. Work Experience as a Manager and or great problem solving skills is a plus
  16. Must be Fun and have Calming effect on the other Parents
  17. Attends Every Team Event including each Practice

This past 2010 youth football Fall season, I had the pleasure of working with a great Team Mom.  She had all the skills listed above and more.  Thanks, LR!

Updated Post 7/16/18 Video / Podcast on

Choosing a Team Mom

A few things that I try to watch out for in choosing a Team Mom or Parent are…

  1. New to the Team or You
  2. Child is not a Starter or a Minimum Play Player
  3. Single Parent without extra help at home
  4. Unskilled at Fundraising
  5. Travels or too busy to make every practice / event
  6. Does not use  eMail, Text or Social Networking Sites Daily in Personal life

I hope this helps you choose a great Team Mom or Parent.  If you can add to my lists from above, please leave a comment.  Thanks and Have fun and Winning is Funner!

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  1. This is a great article! It is so important to have a great volunteer than just someone in the role. Thank you so much for posting this and allowing us to share with our coaches and parents.

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