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Coaching Youth Football Parent CommunicationAt our football team’s parent meeting before the season, I hand out a Player / Parent Policy that defines our expectaions of the player and parent during the season.  Here is a rough copy of what I hand out at my meeting.  Hopefully this will give you some ideas for your Parent Policy Letter…

July 27, 2008

Dear Parents & Athletes of the AMFA Pirates,

Welcome to the 2008 football season!  We had another great football season last year and came very close in the playoffs to our main goal, the Carnation Bowl.  I hope everyone is excited and ready to have a fun and successful 2008 season.  It is our goal to teach your child the fundamentals & challenges of competitive tackle football and have FUN while doing so.  Our goal is a winning football season and win the Carnation Bowl.  We play for FUN and Winning is Funner! 

Below are the Pirate’s Coaches and Parent Volunteers:
– Head Coach / Defensive Coordinator
– Asst Head Coach / Offensive Coordinator
– Special Teams Coordinator / Stats
– Assistant Coach Lineman / Min Play Counts

– Team Manager / Parent Liaison
– Team Mom / Sponsorships / Team Spirit
– Team Dad
– Videographer
– Photographer
– Trainer
All of our Coaches and Volunteers have been very involved with the Pirates, since our inception in 2006.  Our coaching staff has many years youth sports coaching and football playing experience.  We are honored to coach your child.  If you have any issues during the season, please speak with Todd Badgett our team manager.  As the Team Manager, Todd is your liaison with me and AMFA.  You are also welcome to contact me anytime after practices, by phone or through email.  Please do not come to my home unannounced to discuss your child.

To accomplish our goals, we will have to rely on our preparation, work ethic, experience, camaraderie, and you, the parent, to confront the challenges of the toughest football league in Colorado.  I am so excited to “get the ball rollin” and watch this group of talented young athletes grow, mature, and put their own footprints in the AMFA history books.

I will review the following today and you can find more at the AMFA website:

1. AMFA Parent Code of Ethics
2. Athletic Eligibility Requirements
3. Playing Policy
4. Dress and Equipment
5. Attitude
6. Eligibility Concerning Violation of the Athletic Code
7. Support of Program
8. Objective of our Program
9. Other Documents
a. Current Roster
b. Weigh-in Procedures
c. Practice Schedule

Please join the Pirates Yahoo Group to receive team information.  You will receive game schedules, directions to the fields, and practice dates via email from us within the next 10 days.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact myself or Todd Badgett.  Remember, our number one job as coaches and parents is to instill confidence, breed high self esteem, and to make our players desire to play football again next year.  We look forward to your help and support.

Thank you,
Coach Parker
Athletic Eligibility Requirements

Each player will be required to adhere to the following requirements before they are allowed on the field.

• Current Physical
• AMFA Registration Paperwork and collected monies
• Birth Certificate
• Proof of Residence
• Grade Status
• Waiver
• Parent Code of Conduct Signed
• Equipment Check
Playing Policy

Individual playing time will be determined by the Coaching Staff based on the following:

• The effort, attitude, communication and behavior that the player and parent have toward our Program (coaches, game plan, playing time, other players and parents.)
• Attendance / Tardiness
• Uniform and Equipment Violations
• Knowledge and execution of our system.
• Defensive effort and execution.
• Knowledge and execution of the offensive.
• School work and grades.  All players must carry a C average or better in each subject to play.
• Overall effort and attitude in practice. Perfect Practice equals Winning.
• All final decisions will be based on the discretion of the Head Coach and the Coaching Staff.

Attendance Policy

1. Players must attend all team functions.  Missing team functions due to anything but what is outlined below will warrant disciplinary actions stated below.  It is unfair to the athletes that are present everyday to allow a player to miss a practice without repercussions.

Disciplinary Actions:

1. First Unexcused Absence: missing game time (1 or 2 quarters), being demoted from a position, or both.

2. Second Unexcused Absence:  missing game time (2 to 4 quarters); being demoted from a position, or both.

3. If excessive: possible expulsion from the TEAM

2. The practice immediately preceding game days are by far the most important.  If a player is unable to practice on these days due to illness or injury or an unexcused absence, then that player cannot participate in the game.  Extenuating circumstances i.e. school, illness or family related emergencies may be considered as possible exceptions.  Any other reason for missing would result in that player not being able to participate in the following game.

3. The practice schedule will be communicated to each player / parent for the entire season.  I expect each player to be dressed and ready to go at the assigned location 15 minutes before the scheduled practice time and 75 minutes prior to a game.

4. All players / parents MUST notify the Head coach if they will be more than 15 minutes late or unable to attend a practice or a game. Do your best to speak to the Head Coach.  If unable, be sure to leave a message on the voicemail system before the practice or game.  If an emergency or appointment should occur on game day, please notify the Head Coach as soon as possible to insure your eligibility for the game.

5. Our practices will last 2 hours. Time and length of practices will always be left up to the discretion of The Coaching Staff.

6. Acceptable (Excused) Absences:

1. School Related Activity : Once again, inform the coach as far in advance as possible.

2. Family Emergency or Serious Commitment: A family emergency is obvious. Serious commitments include events as family weddings, funerals, big religious/family events, etc.

3. Illness: If a student is too ill to be at school, they are too ill to be at practice.

4. Injury: An injured player must still attend all practices. They will be permitted to miss practice to see her doctor or go to physical therapy.

5. Traffic / Car Pool Issues: If a parent has traffic or car pool issues, please call the Head Coach ASAP.  Two of these absences within a two week period will result in one unexcused absence for that 2 week period only.

7. Remember, there are always events or circumstances that cannot be foreseen.  Please allow us to use our best judgment in dealing with these instances.

Dress, Uniforms and Equipment

The basic dress / equipment for each player is the following:
1. Helmet
2. Mouth Piece – must be colored not clear
3. Chin Strap
4. Shoulder Pads
5. T-shirt under shoulder pads
6. Practice Jersey / Uniform
7. Football Padded Pants (Practice / Game)
8. Athletic Supporter and cup
9. Socks
10. Rubber cleats
11. Water Bottle
12. Football

1. Practices–Players must wear the approved AMFA football equipment.  Equipment bought by the parent must be evaluated by the Head Coach.  Players are encouraged to wear white practice pants and practice jerseys.  All players must wear a colored mouthpiece, no exceptions.

2. Games– Players must wear the approved AMFA equipment.
If attire is being worn under uniforms, it must be the same color as the uniform. For example, white under white uniforms. Under the black uniforms, you must wear corresponding dark colors.  Failure to wear the appropriate equipment and dress, may result in missing game time or benching.
Eligibility Concerning Violation of the Athletic Code or Parent Code of Conduct

If a student athlete or their parent has been found to be in violation of the AMFA Codes they may be suspended for the remainder of the season. I wholeheartedly support this, and will always protect the best interest of the team. Such behavior always has a negative impact on any team, and will not be tolerated.

Your Role as an AMFA Athlete!

1. All players must remember that their actions are being watched by FUTURE AMFA players, and the community. You represent your team, school, district, family, etc. You are expected to display role model behavior at all times.


Attitude is the most important aspect in the success of any sports program. Coaches, players, parents and community members must strive to create an environment that promotes a positive, hard-working atmosphere. Negativity simply cannot be tolerated.


1. All players will treat each other and the Coaching Staff with respect. Any display of unacceptable attitude may result in loss of privileges (playing time, suiting up for game(s), or even dismissal from the team.
2. All players must maintain their health. Appropriate dress in our cold weather location to avoid sickness and good eating habits and proper hydration will contribute greatly in keeping a positive attitude.
3. All rules stated in the AMFA Codes and this handout will be strictly enforced. Cooperation and support are expected.
4. Set realistic individual goals.
5. Be positive and encouraging throughout the year.

Parents & Community
Parents, please set realistic goals for yourself and child that are achievable within your child’s mental and physical capabilities!

1. Team practices are open to observation. However, if this privilege becomes a distraction, is abused by anyone, or becomes unfavorable to either the players or myself, the privileges will be discontinued. The Coach of your team reserves the right to close a practice session to the public at any time. Unless asked by an AMFA coach, do not assist in practice.
2. During a game, parents are expected to encourage the team/program positively and refrain from coaching. We work very hard on game plans against opponents and to place our student athletes in situations to be successful. We want our student athletes to be able to function for themselves. Any parent that is not an approved coach, coaching their child from the bleachers will be asked to leave the game and asked not to attend any future games.  For example, if your child is playing middle linebacker and you yell at them to blitz up the middle that will be considered coaching from the sidelines.
3. Support your athlete in her quest to be their best, AND their role within the team.
4. Communicate with athlete and coach through proper channels.  If your son is discouraged about something on the team, please ask your son to talk to the Head Coach.  Player communication with the coaches will have more influence on our decisions than a phone call or conversation from the parent.  Plus, it will teach your child how to take responsibility for their desires and goals.
5. Parents and Community Members must understand the goals of the TEAM and program. I firmly believe that we must all work together to create a successful environment and community. Be positive and encouraging throughout the year. I recognize that you may not agree with all of my decisions or those of the Coaching Staff. However, I would hope that you would support our efforts to put the best possible TEAM on the field during the course of the season. If this becomes impossible, I would suggest that you consult me as to whether your child should remain a part of this Program. Again, negativity simply will not be tolerated.
Objectives of the Team

1. Mental—preparing student athletes for competition, performing under pressure, as well as balancing their experience with the priority of “student first”. The motivation for student athletes to become better academically and athletically.
2. Physical—to improve strength and conditioning in order to play hard throughout practice and games.
3. Fundamental/Technique—to help master individual skills necessary to participate/compete at this level.
4. Tactical—help develop knowledge of the offensive and defensive patterns of the team; to be successful.
5. The development of discipline, commitment, and interpersonal relationships essential to be productive and positive contributors in the community.
6. The opportunity to realize accountability for personal actions and the consequences of those actions.
7. The opportunity to HAVE FUN!


Coaching Statement

This information, in no way, is meant to be a heavy weight hanging over the head of each player and parent. We, the coaching staff, feel it is important to notify you of our rules and expectations that these rules be adhered to. We feel that everyone involved feels better when they know the parameters involved, or where they stand. We also realize that extreme situations can arise and we may have to alter a rule if deemed necessary, but only if in the best interests of the individual and Program. This document is simply an attempt to be fair to all those involved.
Note:  If there is a discrepancy between this document and AMFA and JMFA league policies, the league policies supersede these policies and information in this document.

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