This does not belong in Sports! Unsportsmanlike conduct.

I know this is a college basketball clip, but this might be one of the worst unsportsmanlike acts I have seen thus far.

Coaches, let’s not draft, coach or promote players that demonstrate this type of behavior on the field or off. 

Parents, lets try to raise better young adults to send them off into the world and be respectful of each other.

I think its time society says no to bad behavior.  Why only worry about drugs?  If we say, No to Bad Behavior, the drug issue is included in bad behavior.

Youth Coaches, we can stop this behavior.  We allow this to happen, no one else.  We can catch this early by coaching respect.  Stop playing players that do not respect themselves, community, parents, teammates, competitors and YOU!

I wonder how this players youth basketball coaches feel today.  Are they proud of what they created?  I am disgusted.

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