Sidelined by Move to Keller, TX

Its been awhile since my last post.  In June, My wife accepted a job in Ft Worth TX as a Tax CPA, so we have been packing and moving from Denver to Ft Worth the last two months.  We now live in Keller, Texas just north of Ft Worth, and my sons play football for the Keller Youth Association on the Select teams.  Unfortunately for me, their football teams already had coaches for the 2009 season, so I am sidelined this football season.  To be honest its been difficult the last 4 weeks watching from the sidelines.  I am not sure I make a good sports parent, I still want to coach, and have trouble not commenting to the coaches on this or that with practice. 

Although I am not coaching this football season, I would love to help any coaches in the Keller area, especially if you are trying to learn the Spin offense.  Or if your son needs a little extra football work, contact me for information.  I might consider assisting with his training.  My sons are 8 and 11. 

I think not coaching  this year will enlighten my perspective as a coach since I must act like a responsible parent.  Now that sounds hard!  Wish me luck.  If any other coaches have been benched for a year watching from the sidelines, please comment and let me know how you got through the season. 

Remember to play for Fun and Winning is Funner. 

Coach Parker

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  1. I find it hard to believe that they don’t need an assistant coach. I live in Buffalo Grove, IL, and although my son is no longer playing, I am helping out with some friends of mine. Granted, I know them, but we always welcome help from parents. We try to do as much individual coaching of technique as possible.

    Good luck,

  2. ya I found hard to believe but both of my sons’ teams have 5 coaches each. My youngest son’s coach played for the Titans. This is Texas football. 🙂 I’ll have fun being a fan this year and learning to be a better coach by watching other coaches this year. Thanks for your comment, Coach Parker

  3. wow coach, i missed this. Welcome to Keller! I coach for the Keller Panthers (

    I know some kids and coaches on those KYA select teams. Your kids must be on the Sophomore team and the Senior team?

    I am curious – as a parent, do you like how many kids there are on the teams? We have 15 kids, admittedly a little low, but our kids will get to play both ways and for the whole game. No complaints about playing time there. With 25+ kids on the roster – how are the coaches dealing with playing time issues?

  4. Heh, and having pro experience doesn’t mean you will be a good coach, let alone a good youth coach. Coaching youth, especially 8 year olds, is a lot different animal as you know.

    Weren’t you originally from Plano or something? I thought I remember in your earlier blogs that you used to coach around here.

    1. You are right, coaching 8 year olds is much different than coaching high schoolers and adults. In Arvada one of the HS coaches was helping out on the coaching staff of a friend’s team. The HS coach told me that coaching pee wee football was very difficult, especially keeping thier attention.

      Yes, I coached in Plano, Plano Sports Authority, for two years. I worked for EDS in Plano for 8 years, went to Texas A&M and grew up in Houston. I played for Klein Forest High School, Strack Intermediate School and Spring Brach Dad’s Club YMCA Bulldogs.

      We are happy to be back in Texas with family and friends. You just can’t beat the warmth of Texas hospitality. Gig’em Ags!

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