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“What’s Radar Blocking you ask?”  It’s one of the best books on offensive line blocking that I have read and many people agree.  In 1986, the author, Leo Hand, published Attacking Football Defenses with RADAR BLOCKING.  Radar Blocking combines Rule blocking with Line Call blocking, which allows each lineman the flexibility to adjust his blocking assignments to defensive movement and stunts. 

Hand outlines 30 different Radar Blocking schemes or Master Calls with blocking Rule (Gap On Over Downfield etc) assignments for each lineman against 14 different defenses.  Each Radar blocking scheme also outlines the Line Combo calls which allow the lineman to adjustment their assignments based on the defense and Master Call.  The Master Calls are broken down into Off-Tackle plays, Inside Run plays, Perimeter / Sweeps and Pass Plays.  The book has over 700 diagrams detailing the Master Call Schemes. 

To me, the Master Calls are similar to making run / hole assignments for the lineman just like I have been doing in the past for my backs.  Instead of the play reading like “Spin HB 29 Sweep Left” the play would read “Spin HB 29 Sweep Left Stampede” where Stampede is the Master Call blocking assignments letting the lineman what to do on the play based on Stampede’s blocking rules.  For the lineman I am thinking about getting wrist coaches that have my Master Calls and the individual assignments listed of for each Master Call, similar to what I do for the QB. 

The book is out of print, but I found a copy at Barnes and Noble for $40.  It is well worth the $40 for the ideas and thoughts it generates. 

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  1. Just picked up this book through Amazon (used, and for about $65) and I am kicking myself for not finding it before the beginning of the season.

    My line guys will be getting wrist bands next year, and I look forward to getting more complex, but without having to memorize every play, instead just remembering the master call.

  2. Dear Coach i am the line coach for a team called the REDDITCH ARROWS here in England.I would really like to know more on this ”radar blocking” can you point me in the direction of the book, or can you send me a brief outlook on the call schemes, any help would be greatly received. We will be this season using zone blocking by means of THE TEC NUMBER CALLS.What i wont the line to be able to do is adjust to the defense, and work together as a unit, dealing with all the defense’s adjustments,IE blitz’s, stunts, rush,so on .I look forward in hearing from you in due course.

  3. Looked in Amazon, looked in Barnes and Noble nothing any body help me find the book on Attacking Football Defenses with RADAR BLOCKING by Leo Hand. Season will start for us in May would appreciate any help in finding this book.

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