Spread Offense – Spread Formation Football Book Review

Spread Formation Football Book Review I just finished reading maybe the best Spread Offense book; Spread Formation Football by Coach LR “Dutch Meyer published in 1952.  Coach Meyer was the Head football coach at TCU in the 30s, 40’s and 50’s.  He and his staff created the original Spread Offense used today.  You can read… Read More

Single Wing Sweep TB 28 Right – Favorite Youth Football Play

Ah, the Single Wing!  Love it or hate it, the Single Wing offense works perfectly in youth football.  Like football from yesteryear, youth football is all about running the football.  The Single Wing offense is tailored to power run the football over youth football defenses.  The Single Wing offense puts more blockers at the point… Read More

Thoughts on Choosing Youth Football Offensive Lineman

A reader posted a comment a few weeks back asking; “What’s the best way to devise an o-line depth chart? How do you decide who plays guard or tackle?” These are two great questions and there are many strategies to develop an offensive line. Let me offer my thoughts which I am sure there will… Read More

Youth Football Playbook eBook by Coach Parker

Since many of you have been asking for a copy of my youth football playbook, I put together a pdf ebook of some of the youth football plays I ran in 2010 for a 3rd grade and 6th grade team.  These plays are still in draft form without individual responsibilities and blocking call not finalized.… Read More

Offensive Play Calling Strategy Part 3 Opening Drive

This is part 3 of my Offensive Play Calling Strategy Series for youth football offenses. In part three I will discuss my opening drive play calling strategy that I use in my offense with my youth football teams.  In Part Two, I wrote about scouting and attacking the defense’s weaknesses based on scouting report, like… Read More

Youth Football Offense Formations Vote

I know many of you are reviewing your youth offensive formations and your offenses play books over the summer getting ready for the fall youth football tackle season.  If you are coaching a youth football tackle team from K to 8th grade / 13 under please vote in our youth offense formation poll below. Poll… Read More

Which Offense for Youth Football?

There are so many football offenses these days to choose from, Spin, Double Wing, Single Wing, I-Formation, Power I, Straight T, Wishbone, Pro Set, and more, but which one works best in youth football?  In our Colorado Pee Wee Tackle football league, there is not one definitive offensive leader.  I have seen everyone run all… Read More

Blocking Schemes, What to do?

I have been working on blocking schemes for my 5th grade team for the last 2 months.  We had a great season last year averaging close to 40 points a game running a version of the new Spin offense, but our pass blocking and interior line blocking was terrible.  After reading Reed’s site and searching… Read More