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Save $10 on my Youth Football Playbooks code is tenoff

Youth Football Playbooks on Sale $10 Off

911 updated code tenoff

Now is a great time to purchase one of my youth football playbooks. Why? Well, now through November 1st, you can use coupon code tenoff to save $10 on any playbook purchase over $20. Use the coupon during the checkout phase, it will ask if you have a coupon code. Head over to the youth football playbook store to buy your playbook. Check out the testimonials page if you are wondering if the playbooks work.

The Power Wing Beast Offense Youth Football Playbook is my multiple offensive formation pee wee offense ages 5-12 based on the Yale Single Wing, aka The Beast. The offense also has play formation variations of the Double Wing, Off-Set I formation, Power I Formation, and some Wildcat Spread. I’ve been running much of this offense since 1994 and perfected the system in 2008. Fear the Beast!

The 62 Multi 8 Youth Football Defense for Youth Football is a multi Defensive system based on the widely used and proven Wide Tackle 62. The Wide Tackle 62 is an easy Defense to morph in and out of multiple Defensive fronts and in the playbook, I show you how to easily switch from a Wide Tackle, 62 to a Tight Tackle 62, Split 60, Gap 8, Split 44, 5-3 / 5-2 Monster, 33 Stack, 70 Defense and a 4-3 passing defense for older teams. This system has served me well since 2009.

If you are still not sure check out my Youtube Channel over at https://www.youtube.com/stephenparker. There are over 250 free videos on the two systems above including scrimmage and game video so you can see for yourself. This CoachParker.org blog also has a ton of free info about the playbooks too. Check out the testimonials page if you are wondering if the playbooks work.

Here’s some of my latest feedback

Touched base with you after our first scrimmage this season where we out scored the 3 teams we played 12 touch downs to 3. Shut out 2 of the teams from scoring. Most importantly I stuck with the Beast offense that I started using last season. 0-9 last year, this year 7-1 and we average 20 points per game. I have 3 players that I can rotate running the beast depending on how much yardage we gain on each attempt. Have scored on the very first play (beast tank left) in 3 of our games! The beast Popeye is my PAT just to mix it up! Have had 2 toouchdowns using what I termed Beast Wide option pass. One for 70 yards. I guess what I’m getting at is this system really works! My Pee Wee team has embraced it and when we move up a division next season I entend to keep it going and adding more to make it really successful. Just purchased your 62 multi 8 defense book to gleen some help with tuning and tweaking my defense for the upcomming playoffs. Techniquely we run a 4 -4 but I’m gonna try to use a version of your 62 multi and see how it works! Thanks for providing such great input for rookie coaches like myself.

So, hurry and get one of my youth playbooks today and use coupon code tenoff and save on any playbook purchase over $20 at my playbook store. Offer expires 11/1/18.


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Youth Football Defense D-line Shift in the 62×8 Defense

This video reviews the youth football defense D-line shifts in 62 Multi 8 youth football defense by Coach Parker. The video introduces the Explode, Army Ant, Orange Slice and Shift Work defensive linemen shifts.

Video Link for this Dline shift video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gI7I1I7LmLY

Check out more of my free youth football coaching videos at YouTube.com/c/StephenParker

The Explode call sends the four down defensive linemen on a 1 gap outside slant stunt.  It works great with the 62 Tight Tackle defense.  With the iLB Go Go call this defensive stunt is very effective against undisciplined blocking teams.

The Army Ant defensive call is a one gap slant stunt for the four down linemen in the Multi 62 Defenses.

The Orange Slice defensive line call is a two gap slant stunt for the 3 call side downline and the backside DT steps back into a quasi LB position to read any backside play.

The Shift work call is a one gap shift to the call side.  This is used when the offensive line overloads to one side like they would in a single wing formation.

I hope you enjoyed the video on the basic defensive linemen shifts in the 62 Multi 8 Youth Football Defense.

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Play for Fun and Winning is Funner,
Coach Parker
Keller, TX / DFW Texas

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Youth Football Defenses – Coaching Clinic

Here is another episode in my Coaching Clinic; Youth Football Defenses.  In this video I review what a good youth football defense looks like, defensive goals and defensive formations.

You never lose a game if the opponent doesn’t score.
Darrell Royal

Defensive Goals

  1. Play team defense
  2. Score on Defense
  3. Limit off plays over 15 yards
    • Stop the sweep
    • Contain / Contain / Contain
  4. Create turnovers
  5. Less than 7 points a game
  6. Use hands
  7. No penalties especially offsides
  8. Stop top 2 RBs and Best Receiver
  9. Stop 5 best plays

Top Youth Football Defensive Formations

  1. 6-2 Wide Tackle
  2. 5-3 Defense
  3. 70 – Defense
  4. 6-1 Defense
  5. Gap 8
  6. 5-2 Monster
  7. 33 Stack
  8. 44 Stack

Good Youth Football Defense

  • Focused on Stopping the Run
    • Sweep and Off Tackle play
    • Contain Reverse and Counter
  • 7+ in the Box
  • Attacking / Penetration Type Defense
  • Do not expect your players to read running back
  • CB Focused on Run / FS Focused on Pass
  • Cover 1 or No FS (12+ may need to have a pass defense)
  • Learn to Stop the Pop Pass
  • Def Ends – Contain Man and Best Tacklers
  • LBs – Also best Tacklers and Pursuit

USA Football – Heads Up Tackling

SeahHawks Tackling

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Play for Fun and Winning is Funner,
Coach Parker
Keller, Texas / Ft. Worth TX


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