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Youth Coaching

Spring 2012 Youth Football Summary

Last Saturday we just came up short in the Spring 2012 KYA Sophomore (9U) Super Bowl.  This was my third straight Super Bowl with 3 slightly different teams.   Its been a great run the last year and a half coaching with Coach Whit at KYA Football.  Even though we lost the Super Bowl Saturday,…

Youth Coaching

Coach’s Role in Injury Treatment

Yesterday, my oldest son broke his collar bone during his middle school athletics period.  His injury was not caught by the coaches because he was still able to move his arm right after the injury.  He returned to the drill line but then slowly lost movement in his arm and the pain overtook his adrenaline…

Youth Coaching

Pre Game Speech List

I decided to keep it Simple Stupid, KISS, this Saturday and I must say it worked.  We won our KYA Sophomore Division season opener against a good team 32-0.  Falcons Attack. This is what I told the team in our pre game meeting…. Have Fun Hit Hard Block Tackle Create Turnovers Score Play for Fun…

Youth Coaching

They’re Just not Hitters, Help!

Your youth football team is looking great the first few weeks of football, except those two or three players that are afraid to hit.  Well, you are not alone.  Just about every youth football team that I have coached over the last 15 years always has a few youth players that are afraid to hit…


Coaching Team Defense in Youth Football

I just finished reading Coach Fritz Shurmur’s outstanding book Coaching Team Defense .  This is a must read for any defensive coach.  It’s a 100 pages of pure defensive gold.  I read it one afternoon and cannot stop thinking about the book.  Here are some top points out of the book. #1 Objective for Defense is to…