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Scouting in Youth Football – Coaching Clinic

Here is another episode in my Free Youth Football Coaching Clinic.  I prepared this presentation several years ago for KYA Football in Keller Texas to give to their incoming coaches.  This free video is on Scouting.  Enjoy.


Scouting Wins Tough Games

  • Video Games or Buy the Scout video Package if available
  • Stat your games and opponents
    • Find Tendencies
    • Identify Top 5 players offense and defense
    • Identify Top 5 plays
    • Identify Special Teams – Kick Directions?
  • Scout Your Team
    • Weak areas that need improvement
    • Where would you attack your team?

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You can BUY the companion digital book to the free 62 Multi 8 Youth Football Defense videos here.

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Coach Parker
Keller, TX / Ft. Worth, Texas



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Youth Football Special Teams – Coaching Clinic

Here is another episode, Special Teams, in my Youth Football Coaching Clinic Series that I developed for KYA Football.


Kick Off – Onside Kicks most popular

  • Deep kicks allow for long returns dangerous unless practiced
  • Directional Kicks to sidelines – hit number sideline #40 or #30 marked on field
  • Kick to your sidelines majority of time
  • Kick to a MPP or big lineman with no hands
  • Find a soccer player on your team to try out for kicker
  • Practice kicks 20 reps before practice 10 to 15 yard kicks to 2nd line – right and left

Kick Return – Hands and Speed Squad

  • Hands team
  • Do not hide MPPs here
  • Trap Return blocking
  • Assign players to block – we number them
  • Watch film and find out where they kick

Punt – only within your 10 or 20

  • Use 4 downs for a first instead of punting
  • Most dangerous play in youth football
  • Too many variables – snap, kick, return coverage, open field tackles
  • We tend to fake punt more
  • Rugby Style Punt – Sweep then punt down sideline

Punt Return – Very Dangerous

  • Punt block
  • If return, best hands person and only if ball drops in his hands
  • If they have good punter drop two hands players back to field the ball and let them block for each other
  • No one on punt return touch the punted ball but your hands guy and only if the ball drops right to him for an easy catch.

PAT Kicks / Field Goals

  • too little time unless you have a great Kicker Snapper and Holder

I hope you enjoyed the video.  Stay tuned as more videos will be coming in the next month or so.  Thanks for watching, please comment, like, and share the video.  It helps me continue to bring you more videos.

Play for Fun and Winning is Funner,
Coach Parker
Keller, TX / Fort Worth, Texas


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What’s in Your Coaching Bag? – Coaching Clinic

This is another video in my youth football coaching clinic series on what coaches should carry in their coaching bags and cars to coach youth football.  I sometimes go a little overboard but I have just about everything you will need to coach youth football. From these lists you can pick and choose what is right for you.  Enjoy the video.

Here’s another article on what’s in your coaching bag?

Check out the items in my Coaching Bag at Amazon.

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Play for Fun and Winning is Funner,
Coach Parker
Keller, TX / Ft. Worth Texas


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Technology – Coaching Clinic

Here is another video blog post of a multi part Youth Football Coaching Clinic presentation that I developed for KYA Football in Keller, TX. In this post I will be discussing Communication Technology that youth football coaches can use to communicate with parents and their teams.

Technology Tools Discusses in Presentation

  1. eMail – Google Groups / Yahoo Groups
  2. Shutterfly – My current favorite
  3. GroupMe / Band – Text App
  4. Facebook Page / Group / App
  5. Twitter / SMS Text Set up / App
  6. Cell Phone Messaging Texts (Facebook Messenger)
  7. Blog / Website – Word Press / Blogger / Tumblr
  8. TeamSnap
  9. MS PowerPoint for Playbooks

There are so many ways to communicate today with your team.  Make sure you are over communicating.  Parents are very busy and do not always here or understand the first time.

My favorite communication technology tools are Shutterfly, eMail and cell phone texting.  Groupme is also becoming a favorite.

Play for Fun and Winning is Funner.

Coach Parker
Keller, Texas


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